Its offical!! The CFL has cancer!!

I am flabergasted by this.... Braley is going to sit on this franchise until summer so that it will lose millions of dollars because of no marketing staff and no way of selling tickets. This guy will wait until it is too late for MLSE to sell season tickets, just so that they will lose money their first year.... What a pathetic loser Braley is... He is doing this simply out of spite and does not give a damm about the CFL... The owners need to revolke both franchises now and revolke him from the HOf.... This guy has completely destroyed his legacy... ... ummer.html

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Its offical!! The CFL has cancer!!
Did it ever occur to you that it is demeaning for you to compare your dislike for Braley to something that people have truly battled? You are belittling their fight by trying to even remotely associate the two.

PS, it's "It's official" not " its offical"


I don't see anything in this article that justifies labelling Braley a "cancer".
Please explain how you came to this conclusion.

Yeah, I'm a little unclear on that part myself. This is as positive as I've heard Braley be in quite some time (though granted I don't hang on his every word).

The word cancer has a meaning separate from its reference to the biological disease.
It was used correctly in the original post.

your condemnation of braley re this article shows complete ignorance and lack of comprehension.

do you actually have any brain cells???

Old (Feb 18th) article - already discussed. Poor choice of title.

Bungle your threads are always full of sensationalism.

That article is half a week old. It's already been discussed. If anything its a positive article.

There are laws in place. The CFL can't simply take away a franchise from an owner because they don't like the way its being run. Think about the precedent that would set. Nobody would ever want to own a CFL team again.

Agreed, over the top sensationalism.
Mr. Braley deserves more respect.
The man has saved the league probably more times then we all know or has been made public.
On top of all this, this is nothing more Negotiations 101.

Instead of selling the team now to give it a good boost for the upcoming season...He prefers to sell it at the beginning of the season(for even less money) so that the team will lose money this upcoming season

It's no different than using the "r" word IMHO.

If it has a cancer, it's not Braley...he's a Gemini

Actually..I'm a cancer.. Born July 6...
Braley is a cancer because like cancer he was a huge part of this league, just like cancer is in all of us... Unfortunately, those cells transform into something that sucks the life out of us. Braley is now sucking the life out of the CFL.

It just seems that everything you do is an attempt to gain attention without being concerned whether it offends people.

A better title would have been : It's official. Braley is a poison within the CFL

Even then, your OP could/should have simply been just another post within the main ARGO/MLSE thread.

Braley is now sucking the life out of the CFL.
A tad overly dramatic, don't ya think there Mr. Bungle? :roll:

There is nothing positive happening by Braley remaining an owner for either BC or Toronto . the ironic part is that the longer he owns both franchises, the less they are worth... Mlse offered Bradley 8 million for the Argos last year and instead he went and stripped the team to its core and lost 5 million and now MLSE is offering him 2 million... That is over 10 million in the garbage right there. God knows how much the Lions have depreciated since the new TV contract was announced... He is hurting himself, but also is driving down the value of every other team in the league. He is by definition a cancer on the CFL... This is so sad be a use only a few years ago, he was seen in a much different light.

How is this poster permitted to have thread titles like this? WOW

As for bungle's post...apparently he doesn't comprehend the the situation. It boils down to MLSE wants someone else to foot the 10 mil, and Braley is saying not he. Seriously, why on earth would HE pay for that? He will not be the owner of the franchise, so why would he sink 10 mil into a stadium? Honestly, it would be a smaller financial hit for him to let the Argos play out their remaining time in the dome and then fold than to agree to that.

Maybe the thread title is over the top… I just got so angry after reading that article