its offical empire stadium is back

It's offical empire stadium is back, there will be a press confrense tom morning pacific time.

it will hold 35,000 perfect for the cfl. i bet you the very first game is a sell out, as long as the weather is nice.


The price tag for the temporary stadium on the PNE grounds — speculated at approximately $20 million — is included in the $458-million overall renovation price tag. (for BC Place)

The Lions will be tenants of the temporary stadium for the 2010 CFL season and possibly for a portion of their games in 2011.

Cool! It'll be neat to see a game from Empire again.

How can Vancouver build a temporary stadium of 35,000 for the Lions, while cities like Toronto, Quebec, Halifax or Moncton can't build one decent sized CFL stadium?

It's not a new building. It's an older stadium that just needs some renovating, which as the article says, the price of that is covered in the BC Place renovations price tag.

There is nothing really at that site right now, so yeah it is virtually brand new...for only about $20mil. Plus that includes suites and press boxes, lights etc. I know that it is only temporary, but one can build a pretty nice stadium without having to spend $300mil. It is way more doable than people think. Look at what Saputo was able to do in Montreal for only $13mil.

Good thing I already reserved my season tickets. Tho, it took quite a while for the official announcement. Yeah I knew it was going to happen but I did still get a little nervous with no announcement.

Gosh, I wish we had more time to delete our posts here. Had a brain cramp and now it's there forever! :oops:

Yeah it is going to exciting at first, but i tell you if the lions do not get off to a good start, like last year, i do not care if you play in the greatest stadium in the world with the best view in the world, people will not come. :thup:

There is no building. The old one was torn down. It was a parking lot for years. Its literally just a park now.

So, yes, it does beg the question...why can't other stadiums build a similar venue for 20 million?

And, who is going to buy the statdium after the Lions are done with it and set it up in their own town?

Hello Quebec City???

Guys, this is going to be a temporary stadium along the lines of expansion seating for Grey Cups. Its not a permanent solution for expansion teams. Its a band aid to keep the Lions in operation while BC Place is being renovated.

Having said that, if something like this could be set up in other cities to get new teams rolling while their permanent venue is under construction, that'd be great.

.....don't feel too bad....I was visualizing sitting behind those gawd awful pillars trying to view the game...Old Empire was a real neck craning experience in the 'day' lol...I hope they leave them out in the 'new' one... :lol:

I want to see a Rain game! on tv. in grass...

can't wait!

Thanks for saying this....

The stadium will porbablybe those metal stands. Like BMO stadium. It will be like the stadiums that every one on this forum, complains about. The media will hate going, because the press box might be a couple of trailers put on temporary supports, and will leak at the slightest rain. All this for $20 million. Very temporary.

Lion fans should prepare themselves for a cranky media then which could translate into some nasty stories if the Lions aren't winning since we all know how the press doesn't like to get their hair messed up (even the print guys). :wink:

For $20 million, I imagine it will be metal Grey Cup expansion seating with a few more bells and whistles like lighting, concessions, press boxes, washrooms and suites. Mind you, those amenities will probably be very makeshift and by no means even remotely world class. You're right that we'll probably see trailers or wooden sheds serve in these roles while BC place is renovated.

Here is the layout of the temperary stadium looks very nice.

Actually does look good, quite impressed.

with it only being 28,000 seats there is no reason why every game in the summer should not be sold out. unless the lions suck which that could happen. if you look at last year.