Its Obvious TSN Doesn't Consider CFL a Major Sport In Csnada

Outside of when there's game highlights, TSN gives the CFL as minimal coverage as possible. Usually at the end of the show after every possible American sport has been covered.

And when you check the ticker at the bottom of the screen, baseball, the NFL, basketball and hockey are all grouped together.

The CFL? If comes just before Arena football, and just after cycling?

Like, why is TSN giving the CFL the short stick here? Nobody cares about basketball. The NFL ain't playing. Baseball is dying.

The CFL is TSN's second most popular property. They just bought the rights for the whole bloody league. YEt they treat it like a minor league product?

What is the mentality of the people in charge of that network, where they would show basketball and baseball news ahead of the CFL?

When TV ratings show that Canadians are easily more interested in the CFL then they are in baseball and especailly basketball? Again I just have to shake my head in wonderment.

My question to you berezin99, is what news do you want to see out of the CFL? Another boring day at practice? or how many tatoos players on the eskimos have?

Normally, I see the CFL highlight first.

I think a reason why we so much baseball and basketball highlights is because of the size of the leagues.

The CFL has 8 teams, so possibly 4 games at once. Where Basketball and Baseball have 30 teams, so that leads to a lot more highlights then a 8 team league.

Also, Baseball and Basketball are very popular in the Toronto area, and TSN is based in Toronto, so to me, it is only logical.

Oh please Kman.

I'd rather see CFL news then the latest who cares news from the NBA or baseball. Like the Phoenix whatevers in the NBA signing Joe Blow from Hick U. Like, who cares?

And Ryoon.
IN Canada, the CFL has 8 teams. The NBA and baseball have 1. So tell me how that means the NBA and baseball deserve more coverage?

I just don't get the logic behind your viewpoints? I mean Canadians care about the CFL. We don't care about basketball and baseball.

Yet you think they deserve more coverage because they have more teams? Eight CFL teams versus 1 baseball and 1 basketball team? Huh?

If you're looking at thing wiht an American viewpoint, I guess your right. But this is a bloody different county. What they like we don't. And visa versa.

Which is why I don't get yours and TSN's logic. It don't make sense. it again, I see.....

Again Berezen why do you have the need to be the media watch dog.

Because I don't understand why the media tries to force these American sports on us when so few care?

Like, it doesn't bother you that foreigners get preference over our own all the time? While popular Canadian sports get ignored or ridiculed?

Thats what bugs me. It should bug you as well.

The Canadian Football League has eight teams.....there are more teams in the major leagues of baseball and basketball, as two examples.....if networks were to focus on Canadian teams alone, it would be called The Canadian Sports Network, which it indeed is not.....I would rather not hear "Yeah, well nothing really happened in the CFL today, but we're gonna replay some stuff from last week just to appease some guy".....quit yer bitchin'.....

It's a SPORTS network. The CFL always gets on first. What do you want them to talk about for 20 minutes? There's not much. They preview the games, and show highlights and post game interviews...

Not everyone follows the CFL. Many follow Baseball and Basketball. If Alex Ovechkin got signed by the Detroit Red Wings, you wouldn't want to know anything about it because he's a Russian getting signed to an American team?

I don't know about you, but I watch TSN Sportscentre to see highlights of sports, around the leagues. I don't watch it to see what color of uniforms the Als will be wearing at the next game.

When something happens in the CFL, or if there is an update, you WILL see it on TSN. During the week, Baseball is on. A lot more people would rather see highlights of Baseball games. CFL basically plays from Thursday-Sunday.

I don't understand how you don't see the logic in that...

And to add, you WILL see EVERY CFL game on TSN, except Saturday and playoffs, but that's because CBC is broadcasting them...

....but this week, all games are broadcast on TSN....including the Saturday, how TSN hates the CFL....

Everyone makes good points. Media is usually a follower and my guess as Ryoon says is that the media has to take Toronto into account, lots of people there and lots of fans for MLB and NBA, more than the CFL I'm sure, unfortunately but the case and also as said, just 8 teams.

But berezin I'm like you, I could watch CFL stuff, even the tatoos stuff which I thought was interesting, lots and lots. Not sure but I just love CFL highlights, news stories whatever. Once the baseball highlights are on if it isn't the Jays or the Tigers, channel flip time and I couldn't care less about basketball. NFL stuff I like and hockey when these are in season or big stories like the draft and a Crosby signing type of thing. The media has to go with the largest numbers though.

I want a CFL Network! Ok, ain't going to happen, even the NFL Network is struggling I heard. But I can always wish, can't I? I'd like a news story on Jesse Lumsden's great, great grandfather and how he once fell in a hole while playing touch football in the backyard in the early 1800's! :wink:

You people just don't get it. Which explains TSN's attitude as well.

Trouble is you people think somehow the leagues down there somehow involve us? Huh? And you think they should be covered as major leagues up here because of this fact? Huh?

One guy says its not the CAnadian sports network? What? Like, do you think ESPN worries about sports in Canada?

We had some relatives from Europe visiting us last year. They asked me why there was so much American news in Canadian newspapers. Including the sports section.

I couldn't give him an answer. Sadly, reading your answers, I can see why.

I don’t give a sh!t whether or not ESPN pays attention to sports in Canada…I enjoy watching highlights from all teams in virtually all leagues (not a fan of soccer, but whatev…)…so therefore, the leagues “down there” DO involve me, and yes, I do think they should be covered as major leagues up here…

One “guy” did not say it wasn’t the Canadian Sports Network…if you’re gonna get your panties in a bunch, at least have the knowledge to not assume genders…

Well JMZero
You watch your American sports. But they should not get priority on a CAnadian network over Canadian sports. Get it?

Why are we promoting foreigners over CAnadians?
YOu can't understand this point? Then there's no help for you pal.

Look guys, sports and nationalism, like it or lump it, or going by the wayside. Sure there are remnants of it like some of us here, maybe a lot of us, but it is going, the younger people of today aren’t into the nationalism thing like in the past. And the Blue Jays recognized this, their new logo removed the maple leaf from it. Although a lot of Leaf fans like to think that they are big nationalists but I personally don’t think so, just Leaf fans who couldn’t care less about the rest of Canada.

Why nationalism is falling, I don’t have the answer. But I know that watching our guys get killed in Afhanganistan is making me more nationalistic and I like holding on to Canadian nationalism for things. But she’s a dying, slowly but very surely. :cry:

In fact, I would say it’s almost not the thing to do in many circles now to show any nationalism towards your country, honestly, a lot of young people are like this I belive.

Who says I can't understand your "point"? I just happen to disagree with it....assuming again, I see....

I'm not your should really watch your baseless assumptions, you know....but since that's all you seem to understand, I'll make one of my own.....seems to me that if you don't like it, everyone should kiss your backside and agree, right? I have to respect your opinion, but you don't have to respect mine? Wrong again, "pal".....

TSN should give the CFL more time they can do a better job.Toronto is not a state yet so show me more canadian football even more canadian sports.

I really don't see what the problem is... It's a sports Network, not the CFL network. They do their best to satisfy the Sports fans in Canada, and dividing the 1 hour show for about 5 or 6 sports.

Would you really focus on a sport that has Thousands of fans, over sports that has millions?

Also, I disagree that Canada cares most about the CFL. There are a lot of fans for the CFL, but not everyone one of them is all about the CFL. They follow baseball and basketball also.

I see way more people rocking Iverson jerseys, O'Neal jerseys, Kobe jerseys, LeBron jerseys etc, rather than CFL jerseys.

For some reason, whenever I watch TSN, the only CFL they seem to talk about are the Argos. Guess the acronym is Toronto Sports Network but I do agree that the CFL is an 8 team league and how much coverage can you really have compared to the 30 team leagues. Just wish TSN would realize there is a world outside of TO and the US.

Sportsnet does a pretty decent job of CFL coverage.