It's Obvious that the BB'S are not playing for this year!!

Bramlet, this guy does not impress me one bit, Kelly is giving Bramlet more time than he ever gave Randall, just a dumb coaches call. The defense is holding you in 2 TD'S down and Kelly keeps a raw rookie in there, i think that's proof that The BB'S are not playing for this year!!

This is as obvious as can be, playing for 2010, i am still ticked that Kelly has no idea, he is giving casey bramlet more playing time than he ever gave Randall, stick Randall in, better yet stick Bish back in, anyone except Bramlet.

......Bishop is back to his game of throwing into a situation he shouldn't ...BUT what could/should we have expected...He's not the future of the club anyway....I say we leave no stone unturned in bringing in potential starters...Make a big-play for someone in the off season....We have to build a foundation at the key position for this team to go anywhere...I wonder how long this next wait is gonna be...?????????? :roll:

Bramlet is a pure NFL type pocket passer. I am not saying he can't become a CFL QB but he it will take a LOT of hard work. I"m not sure what the point was to throw him in there too early but I hope there was one.

Okay, so they are pathetic. But who is out there as an experienced QB other than Printers when no one in the league has signed him.

I believe that the O-line is sub par. Need a defensive end who can pressure. Too bad Berry cut Stevie Baggs along with Dorsey (but I digress). Bryant looks like he is lost in space. Receivers are not creating separation. No deep threat. Still need a shutdown DB.

I just said this sort of thing in another thread. Let's either give Randall a serious chance, or cut him if he's just taking up space. It made no sense to leave him on the bench today considering how the others did.

It's hard to evaluate Bramlet since he has been here only less than 2 weeks, but the Bomber's need to look for talent for 2010, give us some hope at least, i would first start by pulling off a trade with BC or SASK and try and get Jarious Jackson and a reciever for Simpson, Randall/LeFors and Bryant. Also in BC, i hear that Zac Champion is a real good QB, would it hurt? or Jyles and a reciever for Simpson, Randall/LeFors and Bryant. Either way we need to FIRST LOOK at the QB situation here, it's not good. We are now going to be searching for that one QB that can start, we need to look at QB'S that are in the CFL, tey and trade for one of them OR keep bringing in Neg.List QB'S and Reciever's and fix that problem.

I agree Ploen, Kelly should not write Randall off, give him some more practice reps and have him START a couple of games, he has been misused and thrown ONLY into situations where the team just stops trying and he gets sacked or picked off. It's Pretty hard to evaluate ANY QB in that situation, give him a fair shot!!

The offense is so badly mismanaged by the coaches I'm afraid it doesn't matter who is playing what position. There is no imagination in getting the ball to the backs, who should be the focus of the short passing game. It's almost too hard to believe you would want Bishop trying to complete 20 yarders down field into coverage when the option to dump, swing, screen etc. is there for the backs.

Cannot agree more. They bring in Bishops live arm for what? Might as well have kept playing a gimpy LeFors if your'e only going to throw 5-15 yards downfield. Maybe they will have more success opening the short routes if teams thought they could or even would try to go deep. Instead everyone is crowded in within 20 yards of scrimmage. Anyone else notice during replays today there seemed to be a receiver crossing into the middle and bishop throws a little dumpy out route? And speaking of Bishop, has Kelly put the shackles on him or is he hurt or what? Seemed like his game in toronto way back when he rushed the ball a bit, but the last few weeks he hasn't taken off with it. Who would've guessed he would have fewer rushing yards than Lefors? Even with the pocket breaking down he's sprinting out but staying behind the line of scrimmage. Again, another underutilized facet of the game.

While it`s true Bish is a experienced QB, he really does not have a whole lot of experience as a starter. Really Argos in 2007 was really his first real chance and he surpassed all expectations. Then to Sask and Bombers, both bad situations. Yes he was given a chance in both clubs but was expected to do it all by himself.

Bishop basically read that he did not have the confidence of the coach several weeks ago. I read it in the papers so he knew about it. Yet he is still the starter, he hears that Bramlet will probably come in to the game around the 5th series and the game has not even started. The guy probably has his best outing in many ways and then is pulled for the qb from the “Germany Sausage” of the wlaugh. QBs have a delicate physche, hes out there trying his best and the bald coach has his arms folded shaking his head. Basically the same situation in Sask.

Who are you going to trust to audition these qbs of the future? Probably a whole bunch that reminds them of Tom Clements lol

Maybe, but when you start trading away receivers, that shows confidence in your QB's.

I think Kelly went with Bramlet just to see what the problems really were. Bramlet is a very patient QB, you could see him surveying the whole field, and nobody was open.

Kelly was interviewed just moments before the 2nd half started, he clearly was planning on going all the way with Bramlet.