It's...Obie AND Charlie

:thup: Or Mike and Obie

I like the sound of this! 2 experienced people looking to bring the right talent to Hamilton!

I'm optomistic! :thup: :thup:

Mike McCarthy stays :thup:

Charlie gets to redeem himself! :thup:

Looking ahead...looking back...this may very well be what Scott had in mind as his FIRST CHOICE!

as per this...

[url=] ... tball/home[/url]
  • heading edited due to firing of Mike McCarthy and Craig Smith ("too may cooks in the kitchen?") So far Rambo is staying.

If true, it should finally give the Cats stability.
Which means the traditional Ticats-Argos games will have a meaning.

Great choice! The idea of keeping Charlie Taaffe around is also a good one. When everything is confirmed, perhaps Charlie can select some good coordinators and assistants and start this team moving forward much earlier than last year.

McCarthy is also a good guy to keep in the fold since he has a nose for talent. He's brought great players to Hamilton in the past and he'll do it again. He has good contacts throughout the NFL and Europe and certainly in the CFL.

Good moves!

Nothing but positives on this one step....can't wait to hear of the next step!

The article does not reference Mike staying???

And it also doesn't say that Charlie is staying for sure.

Charlie picked this year's coordinators as well.

Obie will be announced on Wednesday as per CBC report......

[url=] ... ovich.html[/url]

And it doesn't say they are not staying either!

The reference to Mike McCarthy was such that many had hoped for him to get the job as GM, which, of course would mean that Bob Obillovich wouldn't get the job. I think they will work well together and compliment each other. least at this point in time still has his job and so does Charlie Taaffe!

Under the circumstances this looks like a win-win for all involved...including Scott Mitchell if this team can pull off a winner on the field!

As I stated earlier...I'm optomistic!

I am thrilled With this ...
Great GM Choice and I Hope Charlie Stays..

No So Fast another Source Saids Craig and Mike are Toast.

[url=] ... bname=cflt[/url] apparenit didn't take O'Billovich long to decide what to do with Mike McCarthy, the Ticats' senior advisor, football operations, and player-personnel director Craig Smith. A third league source said both had been given their walking papers by the CFL club.

Dan Rambo, who was hired in August by the Ticats as director of football operations, will remain in that capacity, working out of his home in the Ottawa region.

[url=] ... tigercats/[/url]

lol...the amount of conflicting sources in this thread is crazy.=P

Don't forget that Tracy Ham is also a scout for the Cats.

[url=] ... ic&t=23681[/url]

I started a thread which indicates news that effectively ends this one. McCarthy appears out, along with Craig Smith.

Oski Wee Wee,

8) Yes, it is official now according to Rick Zamparin this morning, that both Mike McCarthy and Craig Smith have been fired !!!!!

Well...that didn't take long! :roll: :lol: After all...I did say that it seems that Charlie and Mike still have their jobs "for now"!

Guess I'll have to change the title of this thread :wink:

Best of luck to Mike McCarthy and Craig Smith. :thup:

I'm still optomistic about this hire and with Rambo here...OB must have felt that Mike and Craig would be "too many cooks in the kitchen"!

After OB's interview with Charlie...will he stay too? One thing is sure...changes in personell will cost money, what with severance packages...let's hope that it all translates into a winning combination! :thup:

I'll miss Mike McCarthy too. He contributed a lot to our football opoerations over the years and I hope someone picks him up soon.

In terms of Obie, I mentioned in an earlier post that his credentials were very impressive, but that I was slightly concerned about his age. Toda y in steve Milton's column, I'm reading that for Obie's 67 years, he still has a lot of energy and was the best pick Scott Mitchell could have made. If this is true, and I have no reason to believe it isn't, I look for Obie to be the key man this year in turning this team around.

One actual quote that Milton made in this morning's column was as follows:
"And don't ask Mitchell about O'Billovich's negotiating skills. There's a reason IT TOOK A FEW EXTRA DAYS to sign a guy who lives right down the road and could take the GO to work".

This quoted statement from a senior sports writer says a lot for me. It appears that Steve Milton heard the same "WORD" AS I DID.

This quoted statement from a senior sports writer says a lot for me. It appears that Steve Milton heard the same "WORD" AS I DID.
Care to elaborate?

Obie has worked with Craig Smith in B.C. so he should know what is there.

Not sure, but maybe McCarthy replaced Obie in Toronto years ago. Regardless Obie would have a long history with Mike. Either Obie did not want Mike, or Mike did not want Obie....