It's not too early.

Yeah yeah too early for Grey Cup predictions.
Au Contrere (wrong spelling i am almost 100% sure)

The Now is a perfect time For predictions.

Oh yeah and an SIMPLE and QUICK explanation on why and/or how this will happen would be cool.

With out seeing the results I would bet the Riders will get the most votes! :lol: :lol: Not that I would pick them.

Im going to pick BC to repeat , until someone beats them or they miss the playoffs they should be considered the favourites- they have pretty much the same team from last year, but I believe they can go all the way again.

While my bias clearly shows through: I picked BC, but Calgary could be the team to knock them off in the West. In the East, too many factors can change the whole complexion. An injury to Cavillo would devastate the Als. IF Winnipeg ever works a deal for a starting QB (no Kevin Glen fan here)combined with some of there other upgrades could challenge Montreal to represent the East.

Edmonton, Hamilton and Saskatchewan could surprise. They made a lot of changes and depending on how those changes gel together could either boost them higher or lower in the standings.

I love these bias polls, I always for the Riders!

I picked the Tiger-Cats. Edmonton is my team, but I like what the Tiger-Cats have done during the post-season. I'm interested to see what Bauman can do. I wish they would have aired the pre-season games, but I can wait until next weekend.