It's not the fans, man. It's not the fans.

It's not the fans man, it's not the fans. It's 25 plus years of fiasco after fiasco that has slowly eroded the fan base. Nary a winning season since 1979 (I think). Certainly not after 1980. Lots of fans coming out back then, but around that time, the guy who owned the team (Alan Waters??) sold it, and the ownership has been an issue ever since. Mismanagement going back to the 1980s. Internal squabbles becoming public going back to the 1980s. Players wondering if they're going to get their paycheque in the 1990s.

I had season tix in 1996, the year the Eastern Riders folded; I think they were $99 too, and it's a good thing because that's all I would have been able to afford back then.

I remember that year, the crowds were about the same as last year (2005), 17,000 or 19,000. I think the city rallied around the team in August of that year. We had one crowd of about 25,000, and with enough screaming and encouragement, our team won that game. Same thing with the next game, same sort of deal, and we won. A third game, something like 27,000 fans, all going nuts. Unfortunately, we lost that game, and the fan support died down.

Why? Because by 1996, the casual fans were starting to stay away.

Somebody locally on the radio said Ottawa has about 15,000 diehard fans. The remaining 13,000 seats are going to be filled by cultivating fans. And you need good, steady management with deep pockets to cultivate a winning product. We haven't had it.

That is, we haven't had the management. A lot of people with good intentions and bad plans.

Does anyone know where Josh Ronik went? Was he not picked up? I realize that the CFL is a more pass oriented system but I think he would have fit in some where. And why didn't the league step in earlier with Ottawa, they should have been more "hands-on" with the G.D. Gleibermans given the history. I'm from Windsor Ont. and those morons pitched a CFL team to our Mayor a couple of years ago, we didn't bite, we don't have a stadium.

Ranek was signed by Hamilton earlier in the year.

Thanks. CP

Frankford, reading your above post, well, I can see that it will only be a matter of time, a few losing seasons in a row for the Sens, and they will be gone also. I predict this for them.

Won't happen.

Eugene Melnyk has deep pockets. He's local. He has good management, good scouts, good coaches. The Sens are here to stay. Currently, they're really the only game in town. Although I couldn't care less. I'm a football fan.

I'm not looking for a fight. But I will if I have to. You said "a few losing seasons". We had football here between 1980 and 1996, and again from 2002 until last Sunday. And nary a winning season. That's 21 seasons. "A few losing seasons"???

I’m not looking for a fight, I really do want the Sens to stay in Ottawa, they are good for the city. Ottawa beat us here in Hamilton when they got the expansion NHL team and good for them, we lost out. Which is fine with me since I prefer football over hockey and also I like to be a season ticket holder and it’s cheaper for 10 games in the CFL than what I would have to pay for an NHL season ticket, and wouldn’t get as good as seats.
All the best to Ottawa and their Senators, as long as my Habs beat them of course!

FrankfordHot, I have been trying to explain this to a few of these lunkheads, (Statik76, RedandWhite,) and they keep blaming us, the fans. So I give up, don't bother, they don't get it. I hope one of their teams fold and they will understand how much this hurts. If it happens, they will get no sympathy from me. I would never have wanted ANY of the CFL teams to fold before because I love the CFL but after all this B.S. I couldn't care less what happens to this league. I can't believe some of these guys.

I hear you. I know your pain. We all just want decent football in Ottawa.