it's not scott mitchell's fault; blame obie instead

Obie was hired by Scott Mitchell because Mitchell thought Obie could do a much better job at bringing in import talent than Desjardins. At receiver, on the O Line and on the D Line, Obie has failed miserably in that regard.

Teams like Edmonton find new receivers (ex. Campbell, Stamps, Mann) every year who are ready to step in and produce and play like pros. Meanwhile, we have to watch as Rodriguez and Mitchell drop every second pass. "They are young and must learn," Obie will say. Meanwhile Edmonton's young, new receivers are catching every ball thrown their way.

And where are the two giant American tackles Obie should have found us? Did he really think Thomas and Cavka were the best talents out there?

Plus, where are the four import monsters Obie should have found us to pressure the opposing QB?

At the time of final NFL cuts, Obie should have brought in many more guys than he did. If I'm not mistaken, while other teams brought in the maximum number of NFL cuts allowed, Obie didn't. Why? Ask Obie.

What this proves is Him and Rambo have proven they aren't connected to any colleges or NFL teams down south and as I had predicted when he was hired, at 70 years old he won't outwork guys like Popp, Lelacheur,Taman and Tillman. As a consultant sure but as a GM this was a mistake of gigantic proportions. Hell he can't even get other GM's to throw a bone at his team.

Hmmm... Don't these two statements contradict themselves?

If the fish smells, the head smells too, and boy does that fish ever smell.

8) Isn't that par for the course around this place ???

Who Hired Obie ???

Scott Did so he to blame partially

Wasn't Rambo a scout for the Denver Broncos for many years? I find it hard to believe he doesn't have some pretty extensive contacts.

The only players they have brought in and Rambo has been with the organisation for 2 years almost now are "projects" they found with their minicamps. No NFL cuts, nothing from the neg list. Rambo may have worked for the Broncos at one point but facts are there has been no results of any kind that can be tied to any connections or network these guys have. In fact the Ticats had fewer players at training camp then most other teams in the CFL.

I think there is plenty of blame for both of them to share. I really don't think Mitchell has done anything good for this team. O'Billovich is new and although I think he's been pretty useless so far, Mitchell has been here through the entire Taaffe nightmare. I'm just curious as to why the other Mitchell thread was locked. I didn't see anything overly offensive on that thread. Oh well. I'm not sold on Mitchell or O'Billovich at this point.

Really does it matter? Its like watching two babies play in their own shiat and wondering which one is the dirtyest.

I do blame Obie more than Mitchell. Yes, Scott hired him but who runs the football operations? Obie!

All moves done are made by Obie, not Scott.

I think the problem is that we don't have Mike McCarthy anymore. He was the guy who brought in Zeke and Nick. This guy has more connections than Rambo. Mike worked with the Chargers for a few years.

I say bring back Mike!

Bring back Mike Mcarthy. He has an incredible eye for talent and has many connections around the CFL and the NFL and most of all the NCAA

At the beginning of the year, we were all saying that Obie was the saviour. Well 2 wins and 11 losses later, most of us are ready to hang him.

The problem here is that the Cats wanted a hotshot GM, that who could systematically pick and chose who fit into the plans and build a contender. They wanted a Popp or a Tillman who could find the nuggets of gold in the talent pool that previous Cat GMs couldn't find. They were tired of seeing Cat players released or traded, only to excel elsewhere.

Obie, is a CFL legend....but

He is too old for this game...PERIOD. He was ummmmmm......molested in the Moreno deal, he hasn't addressed the gaping holes in the Cat defense and Oline, with the exception of Prechae, his additions at receiver (Miles, Woodcock, Cohen, Ponder, Mitchell) were horrible. Now he signs a problem child NFL expatriate who happens to play the only position where the Cats are waist deep in Talent.

We now have a situation where the Cats are eliminated . The Cats have 2 or 3 players who havent been able to help the Cats win (Printers or Williams) but might have value to other teams. They also have Jesse who for all his potential, hasn't been able to produce at the level that would warrant the Cats spending big bucks to keep him, and lets face it, Jesse would have to be stupid to resign here.

Now is the time to wheel and deal. Release a few fan favorites who havent produced...(NML, Gordon, Miles, Woodcock). Bring guys up from the practice roster...can they be worse than the guys they would be replacing???

It doesn't have to take 5 years to rebuild....but a takes alot of work and energy to do it it in a year or two.

More energy than a 70 year old has I'm afraid.

Time to make obie a VP emeritus and get some young blood in there.

Well stated!

Mike is happily employed by guess what team?


Obie built up the talent on BC's current roster. Mitchell hired him to do the same here. Obie has not delivered. How is that Mitchell's fault? Mitchell hired Obie to to a job Obie was clearly capable of doing (based on his track record of doing the same thing in BC), but Obie has fallen short.

If I'm a principal who hires you because you were a teacher with great references in another School Board, should I, the principal, be fired if you, the teacher, are then suddenly ineffective in the classroom?

Between to two of them they couldn't arrange a two car parade. Mike Mc Carthy has more football contacts in the US than Obie could have ever developed. I was very excited when Obie was hired, however
if you have been watching the other temas they have been stocking up on US talent for the past several weeks. So what do the Tiger Cats accomplish - they bring in aguy a cut him before we have a chance to see him play. Bush Leauge - Rambo - Obie have done absolutley nothing for the team. What an absolute joke.

Regardless of whose at fault, I don't think we should go out and ONCE AGAIN...make wholesale changes. Keep Mitchell, keep Obie but consider getting Obie an Assistant GM (if we have one already....I have no clue of his name). Would McCarthy consider that position???

And expand and fill the player roster to the max! What peeves me off is when players from other teams are released and somehow Hamilton feels that our existing talent is superior to anyone else's cuts. Hello Kai Ellis...hello Bobby Singh. The Cats couldn't be bothered to look at these two and guess who scooped them up.....the team that's making a push for #2 in the east. It can't hurt to take a look at some of these guys. I mean....we're 2 and 11!


Look at the record of this team since he became President. Its been a disaster.
He has hired the wrong people and they have made wrong decisions. Mitchell is running out of people to fire when the real problem is Mitchell himself.
He's the President. He has to be accountable for what has happened to this team. Its one thing to market a team well and provide a good game day experience but unless you can back it up with a decent team on the field, the other stuff won't last. Credibility will be gone. Many fans will give up..and that's what's happening now.
So point the finger at the real issue.....the team President.

Obie hasnt brought in much talent. He has shipped out more than he has brought in. Tre smith didnt make it through training camp in bc but comes here and is gonna be a superstar after a pre season game but still plays now when he has done nothing. If caulley runs a 4.3 40 yarder then why isnt he returning kicks all year? Doesnt make sense the personell choices this team makes. JoJo is cut and put on practice roster what........3 times now? while the guys starting cant catch a cold. Its baffling.