It's not Printers ... It's the butter finger receivers

Just watched the game again. This game would have been a blow out if these receivers could just hold on to the ball.
Printers played awesome. :thup:

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Finally, someone who truly knows football. Add in that the o-line stank in the first half and it's impossible to see how Printers would be to blame.

Great post. Most on this site know nothing other than how to complain.

maybe printers doesnt know how to put touch on the ball. Maybe all he knows is how to rifle the ball as hard as possible when he shouldnt.

Hey, afterall, there is a reason why these recievers are in CFL and not NFL, doncha know. Well, more than one actually, but...

I have to agree that the receivers did seams to have a bit of a mild case of the dropsys but printers really didnt play that well. he threw some over throws and under threw quite a few times. i found that he chose to run to many times and didnt make his reads that well. there were plenty of times he could have thrown instead of running. he didnt seam to show and poise at times.

When I want to see a (shockingly large) motley collection of half-baked QBs and 1-yard per carry RBs, I can always watch the NFL.

Nah, it's Printers... trade the bum to the Argos :wink:

They must have forgot their butter fingers in the dressing room at half time.

Once we get rid of the "canadian content rule', we can bring in better, sticky butter from the US

Printers fumbles himself at least once a game lately. They always seem to be at really really crucial points also. Game winning drive.........five yard line, those kind of fumbles.......

There are a couple of Hamilton receivers that could make up the core of a real decent receiving group but at present there are not enough to be a BIG threat. With the right line and the right receivers Hamilton has a couple of QB's that would look very good.