It's not over "Yet"

Eskies return to work on Monday to prepare for their next home game this Saturday vs Sask. I hope to see a different football team than what we have witnessed thus far. A significant change may be asking to much, but a decent showing is all one can ask for. The Roughriders on the other hand are heading into this match looking to keep pace with Calgary and likely will see a few different formations by Edmonton on both sides of the ball. All I can say is; lets go out there and take it back.

Well it may not be over yet but the "Fat lady has entered the Stadium"

Saskatchewan is listed as 6.5 to 7 point favorites to win this Saturday night at Commonwealth. I'm still going with the Eskimo's to some how pull this game out. :wink:

I was under the impression she was already doing her encore. :smiley:

I remember in another thread you said the Esk's are playing possum on their performance. :expressionless: I'll be the first to say it; the West final goes thru McMahon Stadium. :cowboy: I know, I know.... razz me if you will. I can't wait until the next CFL football game.

Did I say that? Must've been the alcohol talking. :lol:

Maybe this is going to be the 1981 season all over again where a 5-13 team gets to the big dance. Ottawa done it so It's not over "YET". :rockin:

Can I borrow those Glasses when your done with them :lol:

I think you'd be better off asking for the bottle...

That (the bottle) would get me into trouble, and thus obscured by clouds.

Stick a fork into it you guys are done.
The fat lady is singing.

Not until Sept. 26th, Eskimo's vs Argo's at Moncton. Cheers ArgoT

Cheers backer, you guys will be stone cold by then.
Are you going to Moncton, if so well see you there.

I'm probably one of a small minority of people who actually has Edmonton winning this week against Sask (Lord, what a sad day when an Esks game at Commonwealth Stadium is an all-but-guaranteed loss for the home team, instead of an all-but-guaranteed win). It's my outlier pick for the combined bye weeks.

Why do I think Edmonton will find a way to win? There's no way their defense can play worse than they did against Calgary; I'm betting they'll rebound with a strong performance. Ray will be back under center, and regardless of his struggles this year, he can win a game for you if you just give him some basic protection. Whitlock has been a bright spot in a year of disappointment. And Saskatchewan's defense IMO can be had by combining a multidimensional ground game with a willingness to test their DBs deep. They play a lot of zone behind Etcheverry's wacky fronts, and if Edmonton's O-line can pick up the stunting and the blitzes, Ray might be able to find his receivers for big gains.

'Course, I'll probably be forced to eat every single word I've just written after Sask hands Edm a loss, but I'm hoping that this is the week when I finally gain some ground in the virtual Grey Cup.

Well I hope your right D@P on your outlook for the game. ArgoT; I can’t afford to go to Moncton to see the showcase game in New Brunswick. As for the playoff seed in the West, I’m thinking 7-11 gets the given team in. Winnipeg is 2-6, so are the odds with them? Edmonton and B.C will have to go 6-5 the rest of the way. Maybe 6-12 will be enough. I’m confused. EDMONTON - pick up the slack, I’ve had enough already. :x

Even if we finish 6-12 and make the playoffs, I won't be happy. 6-12 is a terrible record, doesn't matter if it gets you in the playoffs. The only reason we'll be in the playoffs is because so many other teams sucked as bad as us.

To get there chief, your team has to win nearly one one half of the remaining games.
That I currently cannot see, hence the fat lady.

Yes backer, the task to get to your possibility is currently impossible.
Not that it cannot be achieved or conceivably even running the table, but there is currently way too much turmoil sorrounding the team.

Oh, I know. I was speaking hypothetically. We’d have to finish 5-6, which isn’t going to be easy, especially with the games we have over the next month.

Well, I'm glad I was right this one time. Doesn't really compensate for the 101 other times I'm wrong, but I'll take it. :lol:

Edmonton did just enough to win, thanks to a good Hall decision to reinsert Ray into the game when it was clear that Zabransky was unable to move the ball through the air. Edmonton's D played like beasts after a poor first quarter, really limiting the yards on the ground and containing Durant on the scramble. Special teams came up with a huge block to set up the Esks' only major of the game, and most importantly, the team managed to overcome a lot of adversity -- the second Edmonton INT could easily have been a back-breaker, but they stayed focused and hung around long enough for Prefontaine to work his fourth-quarter magic.