IT's not necessary a player problem we have.

This maybe stating the obvious but Trestman is far superior to Cortez in so many ways. And until Cortez gets his
act together we will not see any consistant winning.

For example if we switched Head Coach's for the game on friday and each team was well trained in the other HC's playbook
do you think that the Cats would win with the existing players.?? ( I mean win by better than a TD )

I know I am picking on Cortez but he simply does not look like a confident HC. (he shows in his actions that he is
uncomfortable in his position)
The second question fans is: are we willing to wait until Cortez figures out how to do his job efficiently.

Your Comments Please.

Trestman has 28 losses as a Head Coach - Cortez only 8 losses as a head coach
Trestman had 8 losses in his first year as a Head Coach, Cortez has 8 losses in his first year as a Head Coach. :thup:

8) You want our comments.....then yes, regarding your second question !!!
  We will have to wait until, as you say, Cortez figures out how to do his job efficiently,  because he is going nowhere

   for the next 3 years !!

   Get used to it, and him, until then !!

But if Iam not mistaken the Als made the playoffs that year(but i can't remember didn't they also win the Cup?)

They lost to the Stamps in the Grey Cup in Trestman’s first year.

Trestman is in his fifth season as a head coach and Cortez is in his first. It’s rather unfair to hard to compare the two at this point.

July 21, 2012: Hamilton 39, Montreal 24

Seems as if the Cats can beat the Als in Hamilton with or without Trestman’s playbook.

The fact that this question is even on your mind is part of what is wrong with the fans of this team. No patience whatsoever. I know someone will come out and say the fans have been patient since 1999, but the failures of this franchise the previous dozen years do not fall on Cortez. He needs to be given time and to even contemplate dumping him after just 12 games defines ridiculous.


But if Iam not mistaken the Als made the playoffs that year(but i can't remember didn't they also win the Cup?)

But if I am not mistaken the Ticats can make the playoffs this year (but I can't remember can't they also win the cup?)
:roll: Please, can we give GC some slack in his first year?

Yes, I find some of the comments funny. My comment about Cortez vs Trestman was meant to be facetious that's why I put a "smilie"!!!!! lol :smiley:

Oh, it's a player problem first! Players play and coaches coach.Coaches don't miss blocks and tackles. They don't fumble or drop passes. Our players just aren't as good as other teams' players. Our D doesn't stop the run or the pass.If you can't beat the guy in front of you, you can't win. :frowning:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

I agree to a point, Pat, but what is really frustrating is watching them play lights out against Edmonton, looking like Grey Cup material, and then in the very next game in Winnipeg, laying a total egg. Hard to figure . . .

In Winnipeg it looked like they just didn't want to be there. It was freezing cold a strong wind blowing and it seemed like they just wanted to get inside and get the game over with.

I believe it's a combination of several factors. The defense has played poorly for 11of the 12 games. I'm saying this because
a good defense will make the immediate adjustments and make the stops to preserve the win. Discipline. I believe George
is an old school coach who expects his players to play hard. Unfortunately, some of the players are taking off plays. It's obvious because dropped passes and missed assignments are killing this team.Coaching in some instances have hurt the team and will continue to hurt the team until George and the rest of the coaches jell. Continuity and motivation is important for any team success. Changing coaches and finding the correct talent mix is something the Cats need in order to succeed. I believe the DLine - OLine and secondary is missing some important pieces to the big puzzle. The offense needs to suck it up and play hard every play. Henry Burris needs to find his lost mojo. I get the impression George is making an attempt to get the players on his side instead of "do what I say" coaching style. A win on Friday night will fix some of the problems listed however, fix all the above through time and the team is golden.

I think the HC has a lot to do with the preparation of the players when it comes to being prepared for the weather,noise
facture, emotional buildup for the game, also showing confedence in the players during the game( like the 1 yard decision
not to go for it) , play calling etc.

Cortez I think could of helped alot in preventing some of the loses.

That lose in winnipeg had alot to do with poor preparation. period.