its not maas's fault, its the Football@!

i jus read an atricle on the new cfl football and how it makes qb's throw "curve balls" and "sliders".. now that sounds strang thats what ive bin see'n all season long by our very own jason maas! now lets bring back the old ball and his number 12 jersey and we will have the same maas that played for edmonton in 2003-04!

The added stitching on the seams of the ball was supposed to allow the QBs to have a better grip. I understand that Anthony Calvillo among others has had problems controlling the deep ball and has expressed some displeasure at the change.

Some of the overthrows this year would put Nerf balls to shame. Quality Control should get on the case and make sure the next edition of CFL balls fly truer.

Oski Wee Wee,

damon allen said on the fan 590 monday morning that he felt that the balls were heavier this year

One could have some fun with that remark.