Its not how good the Riders played...its how awful WPG was..

Riders will not beat any other team with that performance except Toronto. Getting excited about those two wins was like getting excited about the Riders beating the Rams or Huskies.

WOW i can really understand why people just cant stand you man!!!!! Your totally that guy who sits in his parents basement and blogs about crap you cant do yourself!!!!!!!!

OK, let me get this straight

Someone doesn't agree with you and you resort to personal attacks instead of actually trying to prove your point.

Good one may be right the Bombers played awful, I will not dispute that. However the Riders of the past lacked that killer instinct and yesterday they showed the fans that they can play 60 mins of ball. The Bombers are going to have to rebuild...(ps are they you fav team??)

Roughie Fan

Terminator, what game were you watching?

are you f-n kidding me? come on buddy, wake up! give your head a shake!

they played awesome! they wooped a bad team like they should have!

this is not a bad team by any means. Terminator, quit while you still have your dignity!

Just not sure what you're getting at? There are teams that are unable to score on turnovers; we scored 17 pts off turnovers, in the second quarter alone. For a change, we didn't squander the opportunity.

And we also made one of(if not the) toughest defences in the league give up, implode and resort to chippy bush league tactics!!! All before half time!

Whats all this about Winnipeg having one of the toughest defenses in the league. Here take a look at these stats and then make that statement again. Look at the defensive stats listed on this site . They are dead last or second last in a majority of defensive categories. How on earth can you say they have the best defenses in the league?

Way to go, people...he's an attention-seeker, and you've just given him what he's asked for. Ignore him, and he'll return to baiting billy goats instead...

thats it jm02, run from the facts as usual. Can't stand up for yourself in a discussion, then leave the discussion.

I'm not running from the facts. You're Mr. Negative - that much is pretty much certain. It's also likely accurate to write that if your audience disappears, you'll crawl back under your bridge. And as I have only entered the discussion, I don't believe it was necessary to stand up for myself in the first post. What I'm doing now, however, is another story...

You condone violence against animals? That's it. I'm calling the SPCA. :cowboy:

well please tell me how I am Mr. Negative when I have laid out the facts of how awful Winnipegs defense was with concrete stats. I am not caught in some dellusional dreamworld like some on this thread who ra-ra the Riders whenever they play regardless of how they play.

Get over yourself pal. In an 8 team league NONE OF THE RANKINGS MEAN ANYTHING. IT is all statistically meaningless.

My only other thought on this - until yesterday, Winnipeg has not been completely thrashed in a game all season. Has their defense been stingy this year? No. But it has kept them close in some games that their offense has done nothing to help them.

I am not caught in some dellusional dreamworld like some on this thread who ra-ra the Riders whenever they play regardless of how they play.
I think that's called being a fan, dude. Were you like this when the Riders went 6-0 last year or were you satisfied then?

I bet he had tonnes of criticism against the Riders when they were 6-0!

I bet he did when they won the Grey Cup! sheesh.

I dont even understand why this guy even watches any games!!! Hell how can you watch something and not enjoy anything you see!!! You live a sad life my friend!!!

Please Please Please go to a home game holding a sign saying IM TERMINATOR So I can find you beat the crap out of you and take your money then use it to buy a bat just to find you again and beat you a second time!!!

Your a waste of a watermellon buddy

Dude, right before we destroyed this Winnipeg team (that can't beat anyone according to you) twice, they went into BC place and demolished the Lions. The same Lions who beat the best team in the league the next game....

Also don't forget that one of Winnipeg's other wins came against the (apparently) best team in the west early in the season. So based on these, I think it's obvious that in this small 8 team league, with the salary cap, any team can beat any other team on any given day in any stadium. So for us to demolish Winnipeg in the Banjo Bowl in Winnipeg (where we have one something like 3 times in over a decade) is quite a feat.

You are on, bring a big bat.