Its not getting any easier....

Looks like the blue team has found its sea legs. Great final drive to win the game tonight.
More pressure now on us to beat Edmonton on Friday to keep our chances alive to be competitive in the East.

They're one game up and it's only July. Relax. lol

We should be able to run on Edmonton considering they'll be worn out after being physically dominated, it's a short week for them, Auggie is starting, Perry is out, Jesse is back and fresh, Cavka will be starting. Easy win. Ok i'm joking, I'm still enjoying my crow sandwhich from the last time I said that lol.

I think with how porous the Edm D looked today we have an excellent shot at beating them.
If the Cats do NOT shoot themselves in the foot continuously throughout the game that is

8) First off, Edmonton will be fired up for this game after that last minute debacle they just went through in TO.
Second, there is the chance that Jesse will not even play this week either !!!

By the way, what does that crow sandwich taste like anyway ?????  Are you enjoying it !!!!      <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

Drexl: Thanks but....its not our players I am worried about. Its whether our coaching is up to it. I watched tonights game and saw some good play calling and some good strategy. Far superior to what we have done so far this season...and last season.

You seem to be the only saying that about Jesse. What are you basing that on?

Remember, boys, that the Esks have the dreaded Jason Maas all fired up for a return grudge match here at the scene of his crimes against us in days of yore. The only question is: Can he hurt us any more with Edmonton than he did when he was on OUR side? Stay tuned.

From the sidelines? not likely...

At this early point int he season, I don't think it makes a lick of difference to the Ti-Cats who won this game.

Nothing chnages. All they're thinking about is Edmonton on Friday and redeeming their Calgary performance.

Uh, no, it's pretty much been confirmed that Lumsden will be playing the Edmonton game. In fact, it was confirmed BEFORE the Calgary game that he would be playing against Edmonton.

He sat out the Calgary game as a precautionary measure. It was only for one week. All the other fans in the CFL don't seem to get that. They're acting like he's out for the season or something. I guess people read the headlines and not the rest of the article.

8) Yes, you're right, some people don't read the printed words in front of them or understand them.
 I said that there is "a chance" that Jesse may not play this week.  Nothing has been confirmed at all regarding his status for this week as of yet.

 Strained knee ligaments, depending on their severity, don't fully heal up in 10 - 12 days.

 I hope Jesse is back this week, but I have learned over the years that football clubs never really divulge the true extent of any injury to a player !!

 What the club said last week means nothing as to what they will say this week regarding him.

 Let's just keep our fingers crossed that Jesse will be back this game !!!

I think it should be an easy win this week!!

Gotta remember that these are the Danny Maciocia Eskimos. They're not exactly known for being resilient or consistent.

They played good enough to win in TO, something that only happens 7 or 8 times a year for his Eskimos. And they rarely put together back-to-back good efforts.

All in all, Esks fans are probably more worried about this game than Cats fans.

Tipper I have been saying the same thing as you, It would not shock me one bit if Jesse does not play this week.

we better get pressure on Ray or he'll light us up!!!

The Edmonton offense will probably control the ball and as a result the Cats offense won't see much time on the field. We see this senario time and time again. If the Cats offense sputters at the start we are doomed to another defeat.

mikem: Care to explain? There does not seem to be unanimous agreement on this. What do you know that we don't?

Jesse did agility exercises, running and passing drills,
and he did reps with the Offence today at practice.

It looks like he should be ready to rumble.

Ron: Thanks. Thats good to know.

This team hasnt had an easy win since 1999. But you do have faith.