It's not fair!!

Well while the rest of the CFL world is discussing it's week one heroes and goats on their respective teams, and are now in full regular season form, us Stamps fans are still basically in offseason mode. I still have to wait another 48 hours before their 2005 season kicks off?!! The Eskies will have played TWO games before Calgary's even played their first! I can't take it anymore, the anticipation is killing me!!! :x

I feel for ya. Last week the Lions got to play and that was just a teaser cause now they have the week off.

–Yeah that sucks. Just get a 10th franchise and we won’t have to worry about about bye weeks this early into the year.

Hey you goin to the Stamps/Lions game on July 29th? I live in Vancouver(Port Moody actually), and I’ve already got my tix. 12 rows up, right behind the Stamps bench, YEEEEEEE HAWWWWWW!!!

I have season's tickets. I live in Coquitlam, just above ya.

Hey thats where I am right now, I work in Coquitlam. Well at least that’s where I am for the next 20 mins. Hurry up and get to 5pm already, I got steaks marinating at home!!

I'm 25 rows up behind the Stamps bench. Look for me, I'll be in my Lions jersey. LOL

I'll be easier to find. I'll be wearin my red Stamps hat and red Copeland jersey. And I'll be the one yellin my ASS off!

No yelling allowed at BC Place!! Don't make me come down there and eject you. Don't mind me when I toss a beer on ya. just kidding.

hope you have fun.

Lionbacker...Have to correct you on something.....There'll be no ejecting at BC Place. It might mean the security guards might have to actually do their jobs!...LOL

Pancents is a vitue, when we hav ten teams, no team in the frist week will have to take a bye.

KK I’m going to get you spell check…to go with the Jersey I’m sending you! :wink:

Get the website to have a spell check, I gave up on word doing it for me.

…Pancents!..that’s not even close…is your girlfriend’s cat doing the typing while you dictate?!..