It's not about 4 downs

He's right, and he has some interesting Google states that show both CFL and NFL growth in Canada, but his main point is that the CFL should stress its differences, not chase the fallacy that Canadians want 4 down ball. The CFL shouldn't try to be the NFL lite.


I would agree in part of this statement.

There is no scenario where the CFL will be independent and change to 4 downs.

The reason why 4 downs in possibly in play is if they are entering into a partnership with the Redbird folks then going to 4 downs 'may' be required to stay aligned. Though XFL going to 3 downs will accomplish this too.

Hopefully people can be creative and work out the best of both worlds, something under an umbrella organization.

Hence the Mightygooose proposal in the MLF thread yesterday :wink:


Why does everyone think that the CFL is going to bow to the XFL?
The CFL is the bigger league...the XFL is and I am sorry to say a Mickey Mouse league that sold for 15 million...for the entire league...every single team!

If the CFL entered a partnership with the NFL...Would anyone here be thinking that the NFL would switch to Canadian rules?
Would Americans be saying that the CFL is going to save the NFL?

Same difference


I am trying to piece together the Rock's comments where he said he will give great opportunity to the players. He said he was wrestling for 200 + days a year plus other things.

So does that mean there will be a spring XFL season and then the top teams (6) join the CFL season in June? Call it MLF I don't know? I am just speculating but the top info came from a podcast I watched this afternoon.

It's not about 4 downs but the excitement the younger audience may enjoy in Canada's major markets playing US based teams

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If he bought a restaurant, would people expect him to cook? If he bought Home Depot, would people expect him to dawn an orange apron?

He owns 7% Why do people think he is going to be running the show?


I am also on XFL boards, haven't seen a single XFL fan reject the idea of moving to 3 downs. Most honestly have expressed the desire to embrace as a way to further distinguish the league from the NFL.

For that very same reason, the XFL fans don't want to be NFL lite either, it is actually why most XFL fans are so passionate about the league and excited about working with the CFL, cuz the NFL pisses us off and or we just hate them but love grid iron.

Though I will review the data in the article I would also caution about reading too much into it, he obviously had an agenda and this isn't a scientific market research study. If we did understand folks this well then why haven't we fixed Toronto yet, so clearly there is a major aspect we are missing.

Dwayne forgot to mention that he took steroids to help in recovery of wrestling for over 200 nights a year. He still takes 'em to this day

Toronto's not "fixed" because the CFL is seen as second or even third rate there, lacks social cachet, has a small-time stadium, pays most of its players peanuts by comparison with the NFL, and is usually only in the mainstream news when it's in trouble. It doesn't take a scientific poll to know this. The prestige issue might be fixable with Johnson et al, and some interest might be fuelled by some kind of deal with the XFL, but the relatively low pay will never truly excite the huge money-is-quality crowd. Instead, it needs to solidify and grow what it already has and accept that it can still grow in its own way both in and out of Canada — without excessively tinkering with its already long-established unique brand of football, but the big pay is never going to come if it thinks small and doesn't look outside the country for media revenue.


Joining the. Xfl and cfl, will just destroy the Canadian football league, Leave it alone ,.

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I think you missed why they are talking about this merger.
The CFL may be destroyed if they don't join with the XFL, there is no funding to operate unless someone shows up with a lot of money.

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How so? Seriously would like your analysis.

They do shoot themselves in the foot in Toronto they had some of their best crowds on a fall Sunday afternoon .

The stats have been shown here from the 70's on . Those three big cities need a counter of live football with all the hoopla that goes with it on a Fall Sunday afternoon .

Montreal likes them . BC never gets them .

Then they wonder why are people not coming out at the non traditional time for the sport in the fall .

Play the bloody games when they are suppose to and tell the media partner we will do the schedule and you broadcast capiche .

Enough is enough of the tail wagging the dog .


I believe ever since BC Place opened, outside of the playoffs and Grey Cup Sundays were never the draw, even with an open roof they have now.

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I remember watching games from there on a Sunday afternoon with the the old open air stadium and it looked great with people enjoying the outdoors on a fall afternoon .

They fail to understand you don't surrender a pro market day .

I grew up with a traditional CFL fall Saturday /Sunday afternoons and people attended the games .

Ever since they moved away from Fall traditions this league has taken a drop .

Summer CFL should be different from Fall CFL .

They fail to see where they fall flat selling cold nights to warmer days because they sell a few more ads at the cost of traditions then wonder why they eroded a base .

There weren't 16 NFL games a week back then. You can't compete against that on Sunday afternoon (and TSN doesn't want to either).

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Also to keep in mind, the NFL has a limited anti-trust exemption that doesn't allow them to play on Fridays and Saturdays while high school and college season respectively are running. Hence the Sunday=NFL tradition is ingrained

If they could, I'm certain the NFL would play more Saturday games to spread things around.


They would just like we should not give away a prime day for football .

nobody that matters is talking about a merger

Sure. Piss off your broadcast partner. Who cares that they might cancel your deal or just pay you less.

Thats the point TSN should not be running the league that was a dark hole and why they are on trouble today .

You NEVER give up a prime day like Sunday football to a market that isn't even in our country .

You market first for bums in the seats then you get a TV deal ; not the other way around .