It's nice to win one, I'm still not sure about Maas

It was a great win last night.

The defense was awesome, the push up the middle from Dunbrack and Wayne was forcing Ray out of the pocket on nearly every play. Ray was rattled and missed open receivers several times.

The DBs played much better this week. The Esks receivers were tackled quickly and effectively whenever they caught the ball.

Special teams won the game for us, Devon Fowlkes was incredible, where have they been hiding that guy all year? Ticats downfield coverage on kick returns was superb.

What happened to the Edmonton coverage on the punt run back? When Fowlkes caught the ball, there was nothing but fresh air between him and the end zone.

DJ Flick showed us what a great reciever he is. The 44 yd catch was one of the best I've ever seen, he had to make a terrific adjustment to get to that ball.

Which brings me to the subject of Jason Maas. I don't want to take away from his win last night. The play selection was vastly improved, and finally we saw him finding and hitting his recievers on the short and medium length routes. I still have serious doubts about his arm strength and his ability to throw the long pass.

Flick had to turn and come back for the TD pass. On the 44 yarder he was in front of the DB and had to turn and adjust to make the catch, same for the almost catch by Peterson. All of Maas's other attempts at long throws were uncatchable.

It was great win, a very exciting finish and a superb effort by the whole team, but 179 yds of passing and zero pts in the second half won't get us in the W column too often. Maas has a long way to go to convince me that he should be our starting QB

Maas needs to play out the seasom to see if he gets better now that we have some stability with a GM who seems to know how to build a team.

Maas and the TiCats are 3 games removed from the old O.C. .one wonders what could have been,-- on the other hand the Ticats could be a better overall team after going thru all the slump . from chumps to champs?? :rockin:

You are right, LEO1, if Maas is ever to get back to where he was in 2004
he needs to keep getting all the game reps that Marcel can provide for him.

School is out for Marcel Desjardin. Now it's time for him to prove himself, too.

I don’t know, I saw passing by Maas last night I hadn’t seen from him this year. Still, its not a good as he has shown he can play in the past.

Its obvious the team and Maas have had their collective confidence shattered this season. The team has served up some real bad play that has made me ill through the year. Bad passing, catching, coaching, turnovers, tackling, blocking, bad penalties, more turnovers, bad long snaps, injuries, bad punting, bad kicking, more turnovers, more penalties, the list goes on and on…. Who could stand it?

But for 3 maybe 4 weeks things have very gradually been improving. Some of the problems look like they are behind us now. What the team is doing now is taking baby steps first, and building on their performance week by week. Maas has definitely been building on his performance and last night we saw a few things that we hadn’t seen for a while. He isn’t all the way back yet by any stretch of the imagination, but we can be happy in progress. His confidence is on the mend & the teams confidence is on the mend. Next week I hope the passing is better again than what we saw last night.

Us fans have been going through a horrific storm, its going to be a while before things get better. I hate the thought of having to be so patient but that’s all we can do, while the team rebuilds.

In the meanwhile lets get McMahon back so at least we can laugh.

I agree with giving him the rest of the season to show what he can do, but if we don't see some 300 yd passing games, and some ability to throw deep, then I would expect to be looking for another QB for next year