It's nice to see.....

  • a Ticats win in the Emerald City

  • that Belli and Bruce are still a couple of idiots

  • that Vanderfag still can't punt consistently

  • the game officials are on top of the game (only a couple of missed calls, in our favour, imagine that)

  • the broadcasters are still pro TO (heard them more than once call Printers - "Joseph", and the highlight reels where most of the talk was on Wheaton's hit on French)

  • most of all, a smile on Taaffe's face and even though we didn't see it, a smile on Bob Young's face

  • Stubler fall on his face in his second game as a head coach, where was Pinball the cheerleader when he needed him?

To bad Taaffe dodged the gatorade. His guys have waited long enough to get him with that. I think Taaffe should have let them.

Baldy wrote: "the broadcasters are still pro TO".
I agree with Baldy but what do you expect from TSN, Toronto Sports Network.

I saw it. It was definitely there. It was a good victory. Everyone should be happy.

They'll get him next week :lol: . I was waiting for it, and apparently so was Taffe.