It's NFL Cut Down Day - 53 man rosters by 4 pm ET

The Colts, earlier, also released their other 2021 Tiger-Cat, OL Jordan Murray.
And, Washington, last week, released DB Channing Stribling.
So, I believe, all of last year's TiCats who got an NFL chance this year, are free.


Interesting but I doubt that either Murray or Kalinic will resurface back here this season . Out of the two I would prefer Kalinic back BUT I'm not holding my breath waiting or expecting it to happen to be honest .


Murray was a good addition on the line.
Kalinic is more of a depth/ST guy.

Beggars cant be choosers....I would welcome both back.

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Kalinic had more output than Burt and Durant combined.


If the Cats want a fullback who is ready and willing to block, Nik is their guy.
I know Burt is hurt but for the other guy, the team was bringing Howsare and lining him up at tight end for short yardage again in their last game just like when Burt was healthy.

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You didn't set the bar particularily high there did you LOL.

Good old Nikola had 111 total yards receiving last year and had exactly 1 game with more than 25 yards receiving checking in with a whopping 29 yards one game.
Don't get me wrong, I miss the energy he brings to the field and would be glad to have him back.

I have stated previously that I wish both of them the best of luck in their pursuit of an NFL Contract, so it is unfortunate for both Kalinic & Murray to hear that they did not succeed in making the Colts' 53 man roster.

But this is just the beginning of the process. After they get released in this manner, any other team can choose to sign them, and if I understand the protocols correctly, after a 24 hour period, the Colts are able to add released players to their own Practice Roster.

So I would agree that we should not expect to see either one of these guys north of the 49th Parallel in the next 2 or 3 weeks, until they have extinguished all of their NFL options. But one or both could end up back in Hamilton in late September if things do not work out.

I would love to have Kalinic back in Black & Gold. He is a devastating blocker & like I said, he is the O's equivalent to Simoni Lawrence. He loves to get under the skin of the opponents. He would be a huge asset in terms of his physical presence on the field. And I am pretty sure Jordan Murray would be welcomed back on the O-Line as well.


But he had a very loud cheering section!

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Did you watch him block..ask don jackson what he thinks


Funny little NFL world. A monster QB like Streveler appears and he's shunted from roster to roster. There's no way he couldn't help a feeble team in need of upgraded #2 quarter-backing - and I'm talking about my former favorite NFL team, the Minnesota Vikings. Vikes are saddled with immobile and barely accurate Kirk Cousins as their #1 pivot. Glenn a kind of tall Kevin Glenn - good enough to amass nice stats but he never generates enough wins. Streveler might not make the woefully under-managed Vikes Super Bowl champions - but he might be able to move them into a playoff position.

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And Giants brought in Nathan Rourke for a tryout as a receiver. Go figure

Would actually be hard to have less impact than Burt and Durant combined unless you were invisible.

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Several teams are looking for O line men.... Will be interesting to see who gets the golden eggs

Burt did have a more mild knee issue which he played though when they started using Howsare on short yardage im pretty sure actually. Burt was listed as doubtful back in july for the game vs the redblacks yet still played

Burt had a amazing catch prior to his knee injury.

1 "amazing" catch in 2 years?

Burt is an indictment of this organization's talent evaluation skills (or lack thereof).

Maybe it's just me, but I expect more from a first overall pick.


Says a lot that that we all remember “the catch”.

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Burt has talent not his fault he has had bad luck with injuries

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Lmao. No bias here. :rofl:

Just a bad streak of 6-7 games in a row without a target or catch