"It's Mass' job to lose"

Nuff said???

He’s already lost it!

Lost it

Based on the way the game went last night, I feel as though I was watching a continuation of last season. Mass has picked things up right where he left off in 2006.
Mass has no confidence whatsoever, and he will never get it back. I don't think he ever had any confidence. As far as I am concerned, Maas' career is over. Even I realize that. Why is the Ti-Cat Organization not realizing this fact? Are the Ti-Cats going to make the fans of Hamilton suffer yet another season with Maas. Its over for Maas. He just cant play. I say put that young fella Chang in as the Starter. That young kid has game, and is the future of the Ti-Cats. Please Mr. Caretaker, please end our suffering.
The famous line from the movie, "Apocalypse Now", "...the horror...the horror..." Hahahaha...lol

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