It's looking more and more like a Banjo Bowl Cup

Go Riders

Lets see, Stegal finally winning a Grey Cup or 15 former Ti-Cats winning the Cup.

Rider fans were good to me every time I have watched the Cats play at Taylor Field and the Bomber Fans were great to me this year at Canad Inns Stadium. Tough decision.
Don't know who I will be cheering for.

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With all due respect to the Turtle Man, if Dinwiddie and the Bombers beat the Riders, I'll eat my shorts.

The Flatlanders made the powerhouse Lions look plain today.

This one is over already folks.

Hate to see that classless moron flick win..... But have to go with the Riders


Who cares it's really an all west Grey Cup.
Glad I did't buy ticket to this soon to be Blowout.

Without Glen The Bombers don't stand a Chance

I think we stand a better chance without Glenn then we did with him. Dinwiddie is unpredictable, what films are the riders gunna watch on him? this is his first CFL start. Honestly, he doesn't even have to do much, providing that the bombers play as good on defense and special teams like they have been the last few games.

All Dinwiddie needs to do, is look how he has for the short times he came in this year. Which so far is fearless, accurate and confident.

He just needs to lead the offense good enough to get a few TD's on the board.

If there is one thing we have learned is, ANYTHING can happen in the CFL. and..

a Great Defense, does NOT win championships with an offense as horrible as the Argos.


A Great defense WILL win championships, with good offense.

All they need to do is let Charles run the ball. so no, its not over....and we do stand a chance.

REMEMBER PEOPLE "GOOD DEFENCE DOES WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS" The Roughriders defence last night was better then B.C that night but I think it still wasnt as good as Winnipegs!Winnipegs defence now have even a bigger reason to win a cup for Stegall and Glenn!

Keep dreaming....

Dinnwiddie wasn't just hanging around Winnipeg, he is a very talented guy. He's played well in college and has a lively arm. I would rather that Kevin was in but I don't think the Blue is panicing.

I'm cheering for Saskatchewan. If we can't make it to the Grey Cup at least 15 of our recent players will.

Including Flick :thdn:

How many of these 15 actually START anyway ?

I find it FASCINATING that this is the VERY FIRST time these two teams have met in the Grey Cup !!! In an 8 Team League, no less - AMAZING!

Go Bombers !!!


Well, well, well ...

I predicted the banjo bowl on a thread a couple of weeks ago.

Good to see the one dimensional, over-confident Argos lose, and its nice to see the Riders finally make it to the dance again.

I think that Winnipeg's defence will keep it close for a while, but the Riders are the better team and should control this one. Winnipeg will have a tough time scoring against the green defence. It may have been closer with Glenn at QB, and anything can happen, but Winnipeg will need some breaks just to stay in the game. Congrat to the Bombers for making it this far (heck we even beat these guys this year).

As I said previously, it's ironic that both teams have made recent coaching and GM changes, much like us. It appears that both teams chose better personnel than we did.


I hate the Riders and the Bombers, but they "wanted it more" than the Argos and Lions, and deserve to be in the Cup.

That "Chick" guy on the Riders, as well as their MLB, they are players.

It will the biggest laugh next to seeing the argos lose!Everyone including vegas will pick the roughies to win big time but winnipeg will win by a field goal, shocking all the bookies out there!This is the cfl , NOT the nfl!Toronto could win games with a third string quarterback,B.c can!In the cfl its who ever the breaks come to because of good outstanding defence!

Unfortunately for Bomber Fans, without Kevin Glenn, the most exciting part of the game will be the "SnowBirds" flypast.:slight_smile:


On the one hand, I agree with you but on the other hand, the Bombers still have a chance which is more than 6 other teams can say.

I'm hoping for a competitive game anyway.

An Argo-Cat fan