It's like watching the same bad movie...over and over

I have tried to stay positive.....
I have tried to stay mellow.......
I have tried to ( stay the course ) with this coaching staff....................

No, more.
This is not the Ti-Cats, that I have been a fan of for now 39 years.
I don't care if it is the Club President, the Club General Manager, or our beloved owner Bob Young.
One, or all...have to act, and now.
Afraid that change in mid season will be worse for the team long term than at season's end ?
With what we have just seen ( again ).....what the hell, is the differance ?

:oops: :oops: :oops:

I hear you.

It gets to the point where one has to assert that having a coaching staff of rubble carters does not equate with being rebuilders. :wink:

Today's approach is extremely hard to justify, IMHO.

Oski Wee Wee,

It gets to the point where one has to assert that having a coaching staff of rubble carters does not equate with being rebuilders.
Well said....oski-oui-oui.

Rebuilding this team, with this coaching staff, has not…is not…and will not, be the answer, for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.


Well, I’m resigned to the fact that we’re a few years away from being contenders.
This team was in major disarray when Caretaker bought it. The Canadian talent situation on the team was so dire that the League even considered stepping in with a mini-draft of Canadian players from the other teams. This was a result of the previous owners’ financial difficulties. They had no money and thus neglected the crucial recruiting-scouting-personnel department for years even before Caretaker bought the team.
Paul Osbaldiston pointed this out on a cable Tv show back when Caretaker bought the team and suggested that it would take years to bring the team back to where it should be in that department.
It was only a year ago – just one year ago – that the team finally took steps to bring the personnel department into the modern era with a computerized database … something that other teams have had for years.
The late Bobby Ackles, arguably one of the best football minds in the country, told Lions owner David Braley he would produce a Grey Cup in B.C. in five or six years when he took the team over the last time. He managed to do it in four years … but that’s still four long years. And he had better player personnel to start with than Hamilton has. Plus Wally Buono. It’s no easy task to produce a championship team.
We are really only in our first proper rebuilding year because Caretaker, either due to very bad advice or just ignorance about running a football team, has wasted precious years with his Greg Marshall and Katz and Marcel experiments.
To quote Ackles again, he says in his book that the product on the field is actually only the tip of the iceberg in what it takes to produce a successful team. Underneath that tip is a proper organization … and again, that’s something this team hasn’t had in years … constant coaching changes, front office changes, etc. etc. I think this is the first year that the players actually even got a players’ lounge, modest as it is. That’s just one tiny detail.
And one final blurb from Ackles – he worked for the Arizona Cardinals. And found it impossible. Why? Because the ownership wanted success, the fans wanted success, right now. So there were constant changes, constant turmoil, instead of developing the young talent that Ackles and staff had recruited. But, as Ackles himself admitted in his book, it’s tough to stay the proper course when the fan support is disappearing because of lack of success on the field. That’s not quite so bad in the NFL where they get mega TV bucks, but in the CFL it’s suicide. The attendance at today’s game in Hamilton looked on TV to be about 15,000. It will be even less the next game.
So does Caretaker have the guts and patience to stay the rebuilding course? Does Obie have what it takes to do that rebuilding? Will Scott Mitchell interfere too much with football operations? Do we have the right coaching staff for rebuilding a team and developing young talent? Do we have the time, or will all the fan and corporate support be gone?
I hope for the sake of this storied franchise and the league that this team can be rebuilt. But it sure ain’t going to happen overnight.
Sorry this is so long … but I’m in ranting mood after today’s debacle.

I understand what you are saying...castaway.
Thank-god or who ever...that the Cats have an owner like Bob Young.
The same must be said about the fans, that continue to come out to the games...year after year, and support this team, and generate the bulk of the funds to operate it.

This team has been, rebuilding for 5 years, so it is said. Personaly...I believe it did not hit 'rock bottom' until the end of the 2006 season...and truly 'started' to rebuild in 2007. Right or wrong on the time frame, the team has improved since last season. But the D/C and the O/C that were hired during the off season...have been nothing short of a disaster. With all due respect to them...they have not a clue, how to use the talent they have on the roster. The play-calling on both sides of the ball is far below sub-par, at best. In game, or half time adjustments...they don't even seem to exist.
IMO...the O/C and the D/C at the very least, have to go, for the team to be able to continue to improve...and I mean TOMMORROW.
Until are going to sit through more of the " crap " that we watched to-day, again and again.


Its called: GROUNDHOG DAY! :wink:

We know how the Ottawa Rough Rider franchise felt for their last years at the bottom.

Until Obie gets better talent for the O and D lines, and about three more pro calibre receivers, we will continue to get slaughtered every week. I thought Obie was going to bring great import talent into Hamilton in 2008? Where is it? Wasn't that why he was hired? Other than about six guys who got cut from BC last year, and a few rooks like Cohen and Scott Mitchell, who obviously stink, who has Obie brought in? I would say, beyond Rodriguez, no one, really.

I also think the players are starting to tune Taaffe out, knowing he will be fired at season's end. They don't seem to care about making mistakes. Why should they? I haven't seen Taaffe tear a strip off of one player. Other professional football guys like Don Matthews and Wally Buono would be cutting guys left and right if they played like we did. But in Hamilton, we are young, and we want to keep the team together to have continuity, because we've had too much change over the past few years. What a joke. I wish I had a job where I could stink every week and still be employed because they've fired too many people in the past. Ha!

Good post.
For Bobby Ackles philosophy to work, there have to be signs that the coaching staff is capable enough of using those rebuilding years properly. The GM and the fans need to have confidence in the coaching staff. The reason we are going nowhere again this season is that we have not seen enough potential from Charlie and especially this years co-ordinators, to justify the time investment any more. Same old mistakes, bad game goes on. Its all been said before so many times.
We just cannot use this re-building argument to mask the serious problems we face at the coaching level.

It has been a tough stretch. To keep things in perspective, at least we are not fans of the Kansas City Royals, Detroit Lions, or that blue and white hockey team east of Hamilton.

With a young and talented group of athletes, there's not much we can do except wait for them to develop into a winning team. Obviously, talent upgrades on both lines has to occur. Other than that, we're pretty good player-wise.

As for the coaching staff, they don't instill much confidence yet another wholesale change just means the team has to learn a whole new system for next year. Perhaps a minor tweak, say a new OC, is all that's necessary.


 You don't have to look far in the CFL to find teams that have improved when a new head coach is hired. The players respond to any system as long as the coach makes the best use of the talent and demands accountability.

As for "minor tweak"!!! Is that the way you see this teams record since Charlie arrived?
This team has some talented players but they are not being used properly. Also the opportunity to use the talent is being hi-jacked by bad game plans and mind-boggling choices of plays.

Chinese water torture:Death a drop at a time...

I lost confidence in Charlie last week. I also suspect the players did too which would account for their uninspired play yesterday.

However, another head coaching change may not be in the team's best interests (although I was certainly calling for it last week). If Obie pulled the trigger I wouldn't be second guessing his decision.

While watching the Als/blue team game, it's concerning seeing the Als offensive numbers comparison of last year to this. Basically, we hired a bad OC and now have a bad offence. Coincidence, I think not.

Therefore, I speculate that replacing yet another Marcel may spare Taaffe his job. If our offence improved even slightly we may still wiggle our way into a play-off game.

That and a pass rush, but I digress.

Caretaker, either due to very bad advice or just ignorance about running a football team, has wasted precious years with his Greg Marshall and Katz and Marcel experiments.
So does Caretaker have the guts and patience to stay the rebuilding course? Does Obie have what it takes to do that rebuilding? Will Scott Mitchell interfere too much with football operations?

IMHO ~ Greg Marshall, with no CFL coaching experience actually had a better record in his first year alone than Charlie has so far, but management didn't give him enough time to really develope a winning team (remember, he brought in Jesse Lumsden) so I ask, why is management keeping Charlie?
You would never know that he has all this CFL experience and was coach of the year, he looks like a rookie coach and also doesn't understand the "challenge rule".


If this team is ever going to win again we are going to have to spend big big money in free agency, and hire experience co-ordinators. Otherwise we might as well just pack it in.

Well, If they decide to keep Taaffe for the rest of the season. so be it, thats the way it goes. To me, they have given Charlie Ample time to lead this team, to guide this team back to respectability. He has not done this. Ofcourse I dont think the team`s record is entirely on the coach but coaching does contribute to it.

I think Charlie is a good guy, but not right for the head coach position in Hamilton. Ofcourse, I will always the support team, no matter who coaches but it is disappointing to see this team in this state for almost 4 years.

I do have faith in Obie to make the right decisions whether he decides to change now or in the offseason.

But let me ask you this guys. When has a coach in the CFL ever had a record such as Charlies 5-23 now, and still be employed? I dont recall any coach with this record still being kept around.

I can't recall anyone going 28 games with that kind of record and sticking in my time as an active CFL fan. There comes a time where a "rebuilding" club has to show that it comes prepared week after week, making allowances for lapses of execution in key situations by young players with upside. The fact is that this team doesn't outcoach others a heck of a lot. The opposite is very true.

Oski Wee Wee,

Besides that Oski.

I know there is a rebuilding process but I don`t by that excuse year after year. this is the C.F.L and teams can turn it around in one year.

In 97. We went 2-16 and in 98 we completely turned it around going 12-5-1. The same can be said for 2003. A dismal record of 1-17. Next year under Marshall 9-8-1. This shows that teams can turn it around after a bad year. If you look at the Cats history. They have done it before. This is the worst stretch that I can recall.

I agree with Randy.
I believed that, in time, Greg Marshall would have made a success of this team.
I can’t understand why he was fired, yet management sticks with Coach Daft and his 5 and 23 record.

Reminds me of the old cartoon of a plane heading nose down for a crash, and the pilot (Daft in this case) claiming “we’re gathering momentum”.