Its kinda chilly down here...

Well its been a while since weve been in the basement, and all day Ive been teased and ridiculed by co-workers and friends about the loss last night. I cant figure out why a 500 Canuck team is considered a success, and a 500 Lion club is a failure??? Anyway, Im actually enjoying the season very much eventhough were under-acheiving for now. Its times like these when I am reminded that this is just a game, and we should treat it as just that, a game which we should enjoy at the best of times and worst of times. Yeah it sucked to get the pass interferece in the red zone, and miss Geroy wide open on the skinny post, and Paris standing at the pylon by himself while Bucks getting sacked on 2nd and goal, but this is why I watch. Any team can beat any team, anytime. Great drama, exciting entertainment, cheap tickets, and awesome fans.
Dont ever stop loving your Lions.HOLLA.

Oh my god!!!!!!!! We are 4 and 4. The season is over and we are going down the toilet. How dare the Lions didn't go 8 and 0. What a bunch of arseholes. Seriously, if you cannot accept a loss once in a while, then you don't know football at all. Nobody wins every game (72 Dolphins?). I'm getting sick of the bandwagon people on this site. The Leos win and we are 2008 Grey Cup champions. We lose and all of a sudden we should trade Smith, Glatt, J.J and Buck. By all means, if you can do better , I'll buy a ticket and cheer you on. :stuck_out_tongue:


If worse comes to worse, we cross over and represent the East in the Grey Cup!

Wouldn't that be a league nightmare.....Canada's most Western team representing the East!

That be great. Against the riders though. Tickets would surly be easy to obtain in Montreal. They will anyway if Montreal isn't there.

ok relax I'd rather have problems here and now instead of the western final! been there done that! lets make the corrections now!

oh im as relaxed as a vegetarian during a listereosis outbreak...what im saying is that we should enjoy the game for what it is...thats all.