It's gotten so bad it's got to this ? No Witch burning ?

Just saying is all , I guess there's a first time for everything that it's gotten this apathetic in here this season that the burning of the witches doesn't matter much at this point. :cry: maybe no one's got a match to start an already flaming fire. :oops:

We did better than I thought they would with the players that sat out.
Keon Raymond is going to improve our playoff defense immensely!

Big Play Ray! :rockin:
Bring on the schmoes

Yes, bobo82 you're right time for burning any witches after that "exhibition" game. The only burning I saw was directed at the Ticat secondary but then again I've seen that all year. The only good thing about today's game was the weather......a beautiful day for football.

Definitely somethings changed. Even game days threads are getting shorter.

Yup - as disappointing as it is to not end the season with a win, we do have to remember who WASN’T on the field - the ONE remaining starting receiver (Toliver) was a game day scratch as was Simoni, most of the starting DL, some of the secondary all all of the LB (aside from Raymond who has just returned after a couple of games out) didn’t play. Meanwhile the larks WERE playing all of their starters. There was a noticeable lack of chemistry as well as missed catches on offense but considering that all of the receivers who played are new to the team and probably still becoming accustomed to the offense or are backups, that isn’t surprising. I did see that Tyms played because the coaches wanted to see if he might be a possibility to start next week. Aside from a couple of offside calls (one he was WAY offside - a little eager on the waggle maybe) I thought he looked pretty good. Many of the starters had a much needed rest and there’s a possibility of a couple of injured players maybe returning in time for the big game next week. Remember EE barely beat them recently. I think this team is going to look much better a week from now.

Unless our Oline give Collaros more time and protection from'll be a long, long afternoon . I'm hoping that Austin will throw Masoli in with a package of his own every now and then if we're struggling to get points. It seemed to work when we played in Guelph. Caused great confusion for the opposition defence.

I'm sorry but I just can't see this team doing anything in the playoffs to erase the feeling that everybody had in the regular season. We haven't won back to back games now since way back in July , our record since Labour Day is 2-6, we've lost our last 4 home games in a row , we seem to play just well enough to lose most games , we have 24 players on the I.L........Let's face it here folks , it's just not our year . I honestly haven't seen anything that will tell me that this team will suddenly flick a switch and magically go on an 3 game winning streak all of a sudden. Yup , I honestly think we have one game left and then this miserable season will be mercifully over for this team.

I will be as usual cheering my fool head off for these guys next week BUT being a realist I can't really see us defeating the Eskies in the ESF . It's been a weird season all around here and I know that we've had a ridiculous amount of injuries and also bad luck BUT there seems to be something else going on here that I just can't put my finger on or figure out with this team this year , somethings missing or not clicking the way it was the last 3 seasons. I'm not sure if it's coaching or lack of intensity or focus or complacency or whatever BUT something is definitely not right about this team and I've had this feeling since about halfway through this season.

Sadly, I have to agree. I wanted to believe, especially since I’ve been premature in calling “not our year” in the past. But the team has given no indication that it’s capable of winning a must-win game. Any time we’ve had a late-season run, it started in September or October, not the semi-final.

We were beaten by every single team in the league this year. Since Labour Day, we lost games to each of the bottom five teams (not including ourselves obviously), including all three that are out of the playoffs. We had exactly one win all year against a team that finished above .500. (Fortunately that was the Eskimos, so never say never. But we were much healthier at the time, QB notwithstanding.)

Kent Austin's time has expired, IMO. Peaked during the grey cup loss to Calgary in 2014, and has gotten worse each year since.
I regret buying playoff tickets, as this won't be fun to watch.

I have to agree that, given we were going with a lot of subs after the first quarter, the Cats stayed competitive through most of the game up against the Montreal first teams. The Montreal D is tough, and hard hitting, and in the first quarter, Zach did reasonably well going against them, against the wind. The D came up big through most of the first quarter. The run-back hurt, but that was special teams.

Also have to agree with comments here and elsewhere about special teams in general and Speedy B in particular. His primary role is a returner. He is, at best, a back-up as a receiver, and IMO he misses passes that a first-teamer would normally make. Trouble is, he is pooching his main job on the run-backs big time. I understand that the blocking on STs is spotty, but he has to break that first wave to get to the blocking. Montreal would pin him to the sideline with the punt and then send two cut-off men down the wide side. Running sideways or backwards did not and has not been working for him, and pouting and whining at his team mates doesn't seem to be working either. I noticed he was not out for the fourth quarter. There was a lot of support for Speedy in our section to start, but it gradually got fainter.

The biggest surprise for me was the improvement in Sammy Giguere. When did he finally learn to catch the ball like that? With the Cats he was all speed and hands of wood. Only effective play he had here was the end around? I thought he had a great afternoon, running good routes, getting open and hanging on to the ball. Flash in the pan or a new era of Sammy?

And doesn't Kent get the wind, end of field thing? Why would he give up both the ball and the wind in the first quarter, and again in the fourth? And, as was said elsewhere, don't they coach Maher about where to place his kick-offs and punts? Shouldn't be getting illegal kick penalties in the 18th game of the season.

Despite my whining, I am still optimistic about the ESF. Not expecting miracles, but a steady effort on both sides of the ball gives us a chance. It's a long shot, agreed, but I think we at least do have that shot. Chances are better than those of Montreal and Toronto, right?? :smiley:

With you on every single statement here, bobo. :frowning:

This is absurd.
Kent isn’t responsible for the injuries, and hasn’t used them as an excuse once.
He’s given this team what many of us screamed for forever, stability.


The biggest surprise for me was the improvement in Sammy Giguere. When did he finally learn to catch the ball like that? With the Cats he was all speed and hands of wood. Only effective play he had here was the end around? I thought he had a great afternoon, running good routes, getting open and hanging on to the ball. Flash in the pan or a new era of Sammy?

8) How right you are about Sam. He looked like an elite receiver yesterday.
  How embarrassing for our joke  D backfield when 2 import DB's get cleanly beat by Sammy for 2 touchdowns   <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: --> 

  Good for you Sam, you looked great !

   Just imagine the field day Riley will have with this sterling  D backfield !!     <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

The Ticats have been decimated by key injuries. Despite that, the team is still in pretty much every game. And if you watched the Montreal game, you would have noticed that every player was playing hard. It was a very entertaining, hard-hitting affair. There is a lot of parody in the league, and not every game is going to go our way. The main thing to remember is that we're in the playoffs again, which is largely a byproduct of Austin's hard work/coaching/management.

If we fired Austin, he would be hired by another CFL team immediately.

We would also be on the hook for his salary for the next two(?) years…

It not good for the spectators, but sitting out some of our starters, avoiding more injuries to key players and giving a few newcomers a chance to show what they can do was the right call for a meaningless game.

There were some positives to take home with us.

I liked the play of Terrell Davis at middle LB, Woodson had some good runs, and that pass to Prime was a joy to watch.

As usual, the DBs were outplayed, and gave up far too many big plays. But remember: Stephen, Murray, Sears and E.Davis are possibles to return next week. Three out of four would be enough to make a big difference.

He may not be responsible for injuries but sure as hell is responsible for the roster and it sucks. His game planning sucks as well. No team should have to come from behind every game. And his lack of run game puts unnecessary pressure on the QB’s. The O line is Swiss cheese and the defensive backfield is offensive to say the least.

But the roster sucks because its all injured…

It’s not Austin folks. Gotta put blame on team and their execution or lack thereof. Can turn it around for a game and maybe even two but for what end? The Calgary will be waiting. I love the boys but not their year… reason??? Who knows.

His roster is almost twice as large as any other teams’ because of injuries. Half his original starting lineup is on the injury list. Losing injured starters means having to fill those spots with backups, who are by definition not quite as good as the starters, or with other teams’ castoffs, who are by definition not quite as good as the starters either.

Game planning? My only complaint is the lack of running game. But he’s starting to use one the last few weeks, although that’s probably out of necessity because of injuries to receivers.

As for the o-line, both of our starting tackles are injured, as well as the primary backup tackle. Surprise, surprise, other teams’ defensive ends are often able to get around the ones who have been thrown into action.

Basically, I’m surprised that the Ticats are competitive at all, given all the injuries. Yes, we’ve had to come from behind a lot. But we’ve also come from behind a lot. With the reduced talent level on the team due to injuries, what factor might be the reason for our still being competitive? Could it perhaps be superior coaching?