Its gotta be the footballs

damn things seem like they greased. They should go back to the j5v

So then in essence it would be Wilson vs J5V?

CFL should get a refund from Wilson on this yrs balls.

I just bought a new Wilson ball and it has no stick to it, after a few weeks it's not getting any better, I've gone to wearing a glove to throw, it's the only way I can hold on to it. My old J5V has no pebble but it is still easier to throw. I'm not so sure the leather Wilson is using is all that good. The old J5V still feels like real leather, the Wilson ball feels like a composite, only the cheaper Wilson composite has more stick to it.

maybe it's not the ball.......... :wink:


If you haven't held the Wilson game ball or played a with J5V you really don't have an idea. So why have pretty much all the receivers gone to wearing gloves? Are the receivers just not as good as they were in the past? Mind you when stickum was being used it by some of the receivers it helped. Some quartebacks are wearing gloves as well. I don't believe they are using the same quality of leather anymore.

I have a few Wilson Balls, just like the ones they use.

I know first hand how they are, and I was a QB. I actually never had a problem with them..

btw, they showed on Friday night on tv how they prep and sign off on the game balls.

pretty interesting.

where did you get those wilson balls. if you bought them, how much did you pay. Are they all new this yr? Official cfl balls cost around $100. Why would you have a "few" of this yrs $100 balls?

i'm talking in the past. I got a few balls from the Riders in the past when they had these, I have also thrown brand new ones,

no I don't have any from this season.

well, I am talking this season as this season seems to be notably worse than previous seasons.

The ball I’m using is from this season, and it has no stick. It is the worst football I’ve ever had. I’ve got a basement full of footballs going back to the 70’s, some of them are the size of rugby balls, but they still feel like they were made from a much better leather. They used to make a J5V touch ball, it was smaller same quality and great to use.

smaller? My j5v is about 3/4 inch longer and same thickness in the middle.

I was talking about the "J5V touch" ball, it is a smaller version of the J5V, a little shorter and thinner through the middle, I don't know when they made them I'm guessing in the mid 80's.

right...didnt catch that..... :oops: :slight_smile: