It's good that......

Jonathon T Henry is no longer an attraction at halftime, but what the hell were they thinking by playing all the crappy music during the breaks. They should be playing music to get the team and fans motivated, not put them to sleep. All the same it was a great game. Go Gades Go!

I actually kind of missed him yesterday. We all may hate him, but he really gets the fans into it which i think his purpose is.

WHo is Johnathan T Henry? It was my frist game of the year. Oh and the music was TERRIBLE!!!!


WHo is Johnathan T Henry?
Apparently, John T Henry is an infamous Canadian recording artist. :roll:

This is from an article after the Gades lost their first home game to Edmonton.

Off the field, Ottawa fans were treated to a double performance from the often duplicated, never imitated Jonathan T. Henry, who amazed fans with his outstanding vocal abilities, well-crafted showmanship, and semi-competent dancing maneuvers. His incredible talent being put on display made the loss a little easier for the Ottawa faithful to handle...
I felt embarassed for the guy. It is like they got some person off the street and told him to sing. If his purpose was to make fans angry, well it definately worked for me. :x

In case you haven't figured it out, that's the joke! He is just a regular guy, singing a pretty lame song, getting all the South Siders riled up. North Siders probably enjoy it, since they are the lamest of the lame.

Personally, I found it kind of fun. Of all the songs to play in a half time show, Sweet Caroline is probably the last one I'd ever think of, which makes it pretty funny. Plus, lots of people find themselves singing along, even though they either hate the singer or the song. Why? Because everyone knows the words! And those who aren't singing are booing, which creates a buzz in the stadium heading into the second half.

Seems like a typical Lonie thing to do. That guy is definitely in a world of his own. Whatever. If he makes this team a perennial contender and stays around for the long-term, I can definitely put up with the silliness.

I have to agree, I loved the way he got us all booing and got us all loud!