It's going to be a Winnipeg to-night.

Can our Cats pull off a win in the Peg to-night?

I believe they can. I think we are in for one-hell-of a game this evening. It's going to be a slugfest...the Winnipeg defence is far better than the Blue Team down the QEW.
A real nail-biter...right to the end.
This one is going to be closer, than some folks may think....

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i don't know about this one.

i want us to win and all.....and winnipeg has lost to the blue team twice this season while we have dominated the blue team twice this season

but i just have this weird feeling that this will be the game where winnipeg gets their season turned around with a win against us

i sure hope i'm wrong though!!!!!



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Agreed. Winnipeg is a wounded animal right now, and they will be pouring it on for their home fans.

Yup but if the Cats are on fire like last week and just eliminate a couple errors on defence, this game is ours I think. should be interesting.

Milt Steegal company are real hungry and due to have a break out game,Lookout Ti-Cats ,this could be a long night!

Charlie Told the Team Beware this is a Trap game
This was in his Speech on last day of Practice Tuesday.

He told them don't take these guys lightly
it was a very good Speech he gave
I think They Heed his words..

So ... National post picks us agains the Peg and in an interesting slant ... there's a thread on the Rider site with pics for this week ... and the results are of 50 responses, 59% for the Hammer and 42% for the Peg ...

I feel good!

It's not a weird feeling. It's probably based on your experiences watching the team over the past 5 years. Ticats have had a tendency of making others look good.

But this might also be Doug Berry’s last game as the Bombers’ Head Coach.

I think this will be the game the Cats take a second step.

I really feel the Bombers are coming out flying with Glenn and Stegall and we'll be left behind ,don't forget these guys are the East ' rep in the Grey Cup last year!!!

why is everyone so scared of winnipeg? they havent shown anything all year. if we lose tonight that is a big step backwards for us.

I have a lot of confidence in our backups. We have good depth this year. I'm also glad to see John Williams get some playing time.
I also think that according to last week's game, improved confidence resulted in less penalties.
I feel good about tonight's game.

Let's put it this way. For Winipeg, more than for the Cats - this is a MUST win tonight. If 'Peg loses, they will be losing ground fast.
Next - I admit I was hard on the coaching staff, and maybe I shoudn't have. After all, we do have a lot of rookies on our Team, & it takes time to gel.
However - we have only beaten Toronto, and nonone else. I want to see us beat up on some Team other than T.O.
Then - I will give our coaching staff a lot more credit.

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Make sure the back-up alarm is working....