Montreal 29 Hamiltion 26

Well hello there Poopster1!

Bonne game mon crisse!

Love Bede, but he has to work on the bouncing short kick to get the necessary high bounce.

Another dumb special teams penalty. This is a crowd that knows how to make noise. Not like fans in Montreal who get free tickets and ask if Thomas Haskins is still on the team.

Is grabbing the edge of the front of the shoulder pads on a tackle a "horse collar"?

Rutley was tackled that way (or by a face mask) on the sweep tot he right. IMO

A screen pass ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

:D :lol: :rockin:

Go Als Go

Whats the point of the defence even trying on second down? Very weak! :oops:

Zone coverage is getting killed when Callaros has/makes time.

What a joke they were pinned at there 20. Looks like if we lose this game its on the defence today.

Cato will need to lead the team to TD's rather than FG's because Callaros is the real deal.

And there is the turning point we have all been waiting for. Cato out

That did it.


Nice drive.

Not quite!

Callaros reminds me of Jim Kelly from the Buffalo Bills.

I swear Thorpe better go into the dressing room and smash things. This is a joke

His knee was down

And how long does it take for the ref to blow a whisle?

OMG, they got robbed again.