It's game day!

Get the bacon going and the beer on ice!

Glad you didn't reverse that order -it wouldn't have been a good result - iced bacon - ewww! :lol: :lol:

Bacon flavoured beer...yum

Or better yet... maple smoked bacon flavoured beer

How about the wings and shrimp?
Enjoy the game and good luck to the TiCats!

Oh yeah, a Drambuie on the Rocks after the game to salute the TiCats on their win!

TiCat Game Day!

All set, 3 TV for CFL games, 2 for Nascar and 15 for NFL (8 games on at the same time).
We also bought 2 dozen mini foam footballs, half with CFL and half with NFL on the side (Logos not allowed without League permission). Since we can't be at THF we improvised.
Wonder if TiCats will get a penalty when we start throwing the balls around the Lounge.

Enjoy the Game and hope the TiCats win!

I’m going with an Italian sausage/proscuitto/rapini/cherry tomato pizza.

Might have a GOOD single-malt when they win…