Its game day

I have the day off today so the boy and I are chillaxin today with our TiCat gear on waiting on tonights game.

What goes better with a Cats victory. Pizza and wings or pulled pork?

I think that the only correct answer to your question is: "Yes".

Haha seeing as thats the only answer given. It wins by default :thup:

27k sold for tonights game in the Peg

[b]Darrin Bauming @DarrinBauming #Bombers season tickets sitting at 21,337. The club is approaching 27,000 sold for tonight's home opener vs #TiCats. IGF cap roughly 33,500.[/b]
I see there are less than 1,000 seats available for the Ticat season opener against the Argos.

You need all three but you forgot one important item, a cold Canadian beer to wash it down!

Red Rockets wings! :thup:

Looks like a great summer night for football out there. Earlier in the week the forecast was calling for 60% chance of thundershowers. Now, little chance. Just hot and humid with very light winds.

:thup: :thup:

Cracked Canoe has been chillin in the fridge all day!!

But i wish i had a samuel adams summer ale. I'd choose that over most Canucklehead beers tbh

Soooooo good.

Got a question not footbal related. Anyone been to 'the works' on king street?

The food looks incredible

Great burgers. But, try The Burger's Priest on Upper James. Just opened. Absolutely incredible burger.

Im off of hester. Why havent i seen burger priest? Where on Upper James. Restaurant or just take out?

looks like the ball hit the ground first.

gutsy but well done Cats. :rockin: