The count down is on.

What’s everyone’s pregame rituals / superstitions?

Mine is pretty basic and standard, I have to wear my one Ticats tee and hat. Cant be any other shirt I’ll even wear it dirty if laundrys not done ( haven’t ran into that scenario yet)

So what’s yours? And as the bud lights commercial says. “its only stupid if it doesn’t work”

Really no one?!

I find it hard to believe there's not a little OCDers in all of us Tiger Cats

OK I have the game day apparel down pat. I have a LDC tee that I bought four years ago at the LDC game that I attended which I have worn for warmer weather games (even though it has the Blew team on it) and a nice hooded Ticats sweatshirt which I purchased the following year and wear when the weather is colder BUT I recently received a Ticats jersey for my birthday (three weeks ago) so it is of course the apparel of choice now! Will be donning it shortly. If I am not home to watch for some reason (travelling e.g.) then I always try to wear something black/white/yellow (gold).
Other than that I just get my computer tuned in to the forum and the Scratching Post twitter feed which I check on occasion during the game and prepare to chat with fellow Ticats fans while watching the game which tonight WILL BE the first of a new string of four WINS!

Actually forgot I also have a long sleeve baseball-style Ticats tee (white body/black sleeves -also a gift a few years ago) that I wear sometimes. Suffice it to say I don some kind of Ticats apparel!

How about a string of 6 WINS!!

I was only thinking of the regular season :oops: but you are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!!! :thup: :thup:

Six WINS it is!! (with a bye in there to have a little rest of course!) :smiley:

looks like its just you and I that are OCD Tabbie lol

you going to the game tonight?

Not from Orillia - no. I'll be watching on TV as usual.