The final day of the regular season is here and we're playing in a meaningful game. This is awesome! We're in the playoffs and we have a chance to host a playoff game. That's good on multiple levels...

  • Get some more cash into Bob's pockets with another home gate.
  • Get home field advantage and some better odds at making it to the East Final.
  • Hamilton fans will get a chance to watch live playoff football and possibly create some more buzz (and season ticket holders) for next year.

I am JACKED for this game.

Cameron (my little guy) will be rocking his Tiger-Cats onesie and jeresy and I'll be continuing my efforts to get him to say "Oskee Wee Wee". Ah... it's a good day.

Game Notes

  • Will the loss of Setta hurt us?
  • Will Bishop show up and throw long-bombs or is he going to show up and throw arm-punts?
  • Will our defence punish them?
  • Will Arland Bruce III make their Defence look silly?
  • Will the home field advantage in Winterpeg effect our guys?


Good post. 2 things the Cats need to have a chance to win:

  1. Production on the ground on first down. Cobb HAS to run well

  2. Pressure on Bishop (Or whom ever is back there)

In my mind those are the only two ? for Hamilton right now. Can they rush the passer and rush the ball? The rest of the team seems really solid and if the Cats take care of those two things, it should be an easy win.

Can't wait till 1!!!!!

Been up since 5 am ... Man oh Man have not had this feeling in a long time ...This is a playoff Game right now today we have the opportunity to Restore the Roar quicker then ever expected by our Fan's or this organization .
Roast is in the slow cooker mmmmmmmmmmmmmm beer on ice oh baby . Little Yorkshire pudding and BOOM Goes the Dynamite .... What a puuuuurfect afternoon for Football...

Restore The Roar

Go Cat's Go

I my mind, and in the final standings, today will tell whether the Cats are the 4th best team in the league or the 6th. If they win, they will have proven that they are #4. (They'd have an identical record to EDM but outscored them in splitting their two games against eachother)

Then, considering these facts:
They split their games with both the 3rd and 2nd best teams and also outscored both of them in those games' total points.
They came very close to winning one over the best team of all in their park.
They'd have the league-best season ending winning streak (3 in a row on the heels of the close loss in MTL)
They'd be hosting a hurting 7th best team in the league in the semi-final.

We'd really have serious "Reason to Believe!"

Correction: Make that 6th best

Talk like that scares me. To me…there’s no such things as an easy win.

four main factors.

  1. Starting and finishing drives is key
  2. putting massive pressure on Bishop
    3)Contain Jovan Johnson
  3. Limit Reid's runs

Good Luck Hammies - you guys have awsome posts for the big game. wish I could be there at IWS with you - enjoy.
Signed old time Lionbacker. ( we're comming baby! )

Lets Go Cats!!! This is going to be a tough game but we can win this!! Lets take it to the Bombers. Then we won`t have any more Bomber trolls for another year :smiley:

I expect a big game from Glenn, Cobb, Bruce and McDaniel. Oskee Wee Wee :rockin:

The game is actually in Winnpeg at Canad Inns Stadium… only a few of us are there!

I should be taking a nap right now while the little guy sleeps... but I can't nap. Too excited!

Watching TSN leading up to the game... a special on Pat Tilman is on right now. Gotta respect a man that gives up a career in the NFL for a career that pays very little. That's a perfect example to doing what you believe in!

Now... lets go CATS!

Claws sharpen - Check!
Fangs out - Check!
Ears pinned back - Check!

Go get them boys!!!