Its Game Day...#itches

Stats by da numbas

Total Offence

  1. Ottawa WHINY HOs 403.1
  2. Hamilton Tiger-Cats 371.9


  1. Ottawa WHINY HOs 320.5
  2. Hamilton Tiger-Cats 291.7

6. Ottawa WHINY HOs 82.6
8. Hamilton Tiger-Cats 80.2

Total Defence
2. Ottawa WHINY HOs 324.2
4. Hamilton Tiger-Cats 335.4

2. Hamilton Tiger-Cats 245.6
4. Ottawa WHINY HOs 255.7


  1. Ottawa WHINY HOs 68.5
  2. Hamilton Tiger-Cats 89.8

very similar teams with the WHINY HOs edging us out in just about all categories (probably much worse if we calculate since Zach Attach went down)

given the fact its a home game for them and they have the better QB. my heart is still saying we win but my pea sized brain think we lose by 6points. :cry:

Touchdowns on Kick Returns - HAM 4 - OTT 0

Touchdowns on Interception Returns - HAM 6 - OTT 3 - (should have been 7 for us)

Touchdowns on Fumble Returns - HAM 2 - OTT 0

TOTAL NON-OFFENSIVE TD's - HAM 12 - OTT 3 :rockin:

Speedy B we need you today!!

Well their STs are not nearly as good as ours although they managed ti limit Banks last week - but there was also the wind factor. I'd love to see him have a repeat of last season's final game - 2 return TDs!
Rattle Hank a bit, get him off his game and there is no reason that we can't have another pick or two - hopefully returned for TDs. Go get 'em Emmanuel and BStew!

Hopefully, this is a Kiss the #itches thread.

Nah lets rattle him a lot!!!! :smiley:

Lol. Yah that would be swell