It's embarrassing!!!!!!!

We are a joke, lets make no mistake. Even if we get a good play, we fumble. Defense is useless, offence useless, can’t protect the QB and our punter gets a penalty on 1st punt of the game, making sure Hamilton has great Field position. Not like it would matter, they would have marched down the field and scored any how.

....This is a farce. There's no football team, just a bunch of players going through the motion. Player changes in the offing is a definite. Play like this could have Burke on the way out. O line has to be completely gutted and go find some more players like Woods, who actually looks like a football player. :oops: :oops: :oops: Having said that, I guess it might be time to start going through the names for second pick overall in the 2014 draft. :oops: Brutal.

Go Jets Go. Winnipeg does not have a pro football team as I no longer acknowledge the current Bombers

At least the gang on the halftime panel finally admitted the lack of talent on this squad for a change. There is one Canadian on the roster that would be starting on any other team in the league (Watson) and he's always injured. Linebackers/secondary are brutal (Henoc is a good athlete but has no clue how to play LB yet), o-line is as bad as it gets and the quarterbacking problem is well documented. Hope more people wake up and realise it's not the coaching, it's the lack of talent Mack assembled that's got to be addressed!

Embarrassing? I call it disgusting.

It's more than just a lack of talent. They're going to have to start over from square one next year.

I'm hoping they are starting that process now. Maybe next year won't be a complete right off?

...No self respecting fan would/should watch this garbage....The Bombers are going to start taking a hit at the gate because there won't be any football worth watching at IGF...Nobody wants to watch the home team lose time after time without at least some shown effort.......This is rock bottom and the cry for more BIG changes will be heard loud and clear....How could the management think that this team could be worthwhile watching. Beyond pathetic.... :thdn: :thdn:

....No more Buck pleeeeease.....His QB career is DONE........Defensive secondary also needs a look....When every qb. in the league can pass at will, you have to know we are in big trouble in that dept. (amongst others)...Milt is right..not enough talent on this club ...Also bring in a qb. that looks like they have some talent and one that can stay healthy for more than 2 plays...Just disgusting play and it'll cost someone their job in the coaching ranks for sure... :thdn: :thdn:

I think we go with Goltz for a few games to see what he has with a decent OC.There is a total rebuild in the works so continue on.Some keepers, Woods, Ettienne, Edwards, kohlert, but lots who may be looking for work.Sad, sad defence.

I agree with Papa that I don't care to see any more Buck - ever again! That failed experiment was over long ago! There is no future with Buck - so MOVE ON ALREADY!

As for talent, this is the Mack legacy. Less than 50% of the team looks like they actually care, and only half of those are talented enough for the CFL. It is going to take at least a couple years - WITH THE RIGHT PEOPLE in control to get this team to a 500 level again!

Who won the "one on one" battles today? Anybody aside from our 5'5" returner? At least he's a bright spot.

Burke just told Irving that we’ve got a new QB coming in tomorrow. I think he said it’s a CFL vet but not Porter.

You know it's bad when injured players on opposing teams are ripping the Bombers.....

Nik Lewis: "I wonder if anyone on Winnipeg cares about anything more than a paycheque?"

Later, Lewis tweeted: "I made the comment because as a fan of this game I just don't see passion on their side. 24-0 early is not impossible to overcome. Effort"

Well, I wonder who that could be, if it isn't Porter.

Is Alex Brink being invited back? Cleo Lemon? Michael Bishop? Casey Printers ?

Can't imagine it would matter....going to get murdered behind this o-line anyway.

That's a valid point. . .

There's nothing to do but evaluate players and start replacing them. Hopefully we get a GM who understands the importance of building a team from the lines out. A this point any QB we put in will be on his back all day long.

As a Ticats fan believe me I know what you’re going through. 2003 we had a single win and looked bad. Your team is making moves, not being satisfied. As far as the QB heading your way, I’m guessing Macperson. He did impress when in Montreal.

McPherson impressed in Montreal? What on earth were you watching??

He sure impressed against us. :oops:

Here's the plan guys

sign Casey Printers, have him be QB/Head Coach. You will win at least one more game.