happy draft day everyone..

whats your team, where are they picking at and what are you hoping for in the first round?

NY Giants select 10th.. so many needs for this team, OL and basically need a new defence.

im hoping for a big ol nasty DL or OL but a LB would do..

New York Jets pick in the #20th spot - QB Paxton Lynch

lol.. the Jets. if you are picking a NY team shouldnt you pick a winner? :wink:

My second choice team - Los Angeles Rams 8)

remember the time when the first pick overall was something special?

ever since they scaled back the signing bonuses its lost it appeal

Picked a CB :x

Picked a LB 8)

:oops: the Jets got any more room for a ex Giants fan lol

Not liking this at all..

Wanted DL or OL or even LB got a CB a WR and a S in the first 3 rounds :roll:

Jets picked a LB, QB and an OLB in three rounds - interesting.

Sure rub it in..knowing the Jets though their picks will all be bums.

Was David Onyemata, the Manitoba guy, the only Canadian player drafted? Or are there some that played college in the States?

Tell me about the Bison player, is he a beast?

The Bison player I feel will likely do well with the Saints. More info in the link below - See Richard Veilleux's post.