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Someone over at the CBC should do a little fact checking. The Cats did not play a majority of their games at Mac last year. They played four at Mac - one preseason game and three regular season games - and seven at THF. Four out of 11 is not a majority.

I agree, but the last line was interesting (if true) that the stadium was on budget. (I am too jaded by this fiasco to give much credence until, and if, the Auditor General says it is true).

your right how can a stadium be a year late and still be on budget does not make sense

The Stadium was done for a set price, the builder gets paid upon completion.
It is on budget for I/O, but I am sure it is way over budget for the builder!
Now, The City’s obligation of trying to get Caretaker his $1M for each lost game from the builder will be a real test! :roll:

Wow - I just read the comments below that article. There sure are a lot of haters in the Hammer.

I hope Infrastructure Ontario teaches every other government body about this novel idea of not paying contractors until the job is done, and not letting them escalate the total price beyond what they initially bid.

I think the caretaker deserves more than $1 Million per game in lost revenue. Just do the math. I don't think they made much in revenue from the games at Mac, small crowd, no premium seats, no beer sales
It's at least $1.5 Million and probably close to $2 Million for each game

22,500 seats at $50 average = $1,125,000
1,000 club seats $250 average = $250,000
30 Private Suites, (??) = $100,000
Beer sales? at least $6 profit on each beer sold $80,000
other concession sales? ??
cost to move to Mac ??

It doesn't matter what we think The Caretaker deserves, the contract supposedly stated only $1,000,000 per missed game. I hope they withhold $3M from the amount still owed to the builder.

The one comment that would concern me is someone named Miller stated that they have not received the "final invoice" and isn't sure they will be "on budget".
Also if there were engineering changes made during construction I'm sure the contractor received or submitted contract SOW Mods and costs.

Good thing to do is not listen to any City Official, if ONSS says its on budget they could be right, over runs could have been figured into the cost before hand

BoLtZ, that is why I Posted it the way I did. I have no idea who "Miller" is but when you make comments like that to a reporter that you know will be published--'nough said.

Hes the same guy who said no way in hell the Labour Day game or any games in 2014 would be played there :slight_smile: