It's Do or DIE this week!

I just saw the article how every team still has a shot at making the playoffs, untill this weekend, that is.

If calgary wins tonight, it's all over for the Bombers and the Cats.

I'm sure everyone has something to say about this, so let's hear it!

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Kanga, if the Stamps win tonight, its all over for the Renegades as well! And it sounds like McManus won’t be starting tonight. Great! An all out show of 2nd and 3rd stringers!!!

not quite, the Gades will still be alive.

Ottawa Renegades (6-9): The Renegades are in jeopardy of finishing out of the cellar in the East Division for the first time, but may fail to make the playoffs due to the crossover. Calgary is sitting in fourth place in the West Division but has a better record than Ottawa. If Ottawa wins its remaining three games, it will need Calgary to lose at least two to finish even with the Stampeders. Saskatchewan, Edmonton and Winnipeg could all still finish fourth in the West; Ottawa needs to ensure its record is at least equal to whichever teams finishes fourth. Ottawa can still finish first or second in the East Division, but if Montreal and Toronto both win this weekend, the Renegades will need to win out plus hope for three Montreal or Toronto losses to finish second.

As usual , it will be a great CFL week end of games.

  1. Can B.C. bounce back vs. MONTREAL? Will MONTREAL, take over 1st in the EAST. Will B.C. , be 1 step closer to clinching 1st in the WEST?

  2. Can WINNIPEG win 2 in a row.? Can the ARGOS bounce back? And keep pace with MONTREAL?

  3. Can SASK. beat EDMONTON at home.? Will EDMONTON , be just 2 points behind B.C.?

  4. Can HAMILTON play the spoiler in CALGARY? Will CALGARY get closer to SASK?

ALLOT of these ?s , will be answered this week end. :shock: SO STAY TUNED IN , Same BAT TIME , SAME BAT CHANNEL! :lol:

I work with a guy here who reins from Calgary and he told me an old well known Calgarian saying: "[b]The Stamps have a tendency to snatch Defeat from the jaws of Victory."

Wouldn't it suck if Calgary tied Ottawa in the points standing? hehe. :lol:

Go Tabbies Go!!!
One for The Gades!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![/b]

Wow no spelling mistakes and everything makes sense. Keep up the good work Kanga.


thanks roughyfan, I try my best.

Pretty much all Calgary's injured players are back for this one. Burris, Boese, Reynolds, Maxie.. and more. We'll stomp the tabbies like they haven't been stomped since the labour day rematch.

Are you sure you didn't copy and paste that paragraph, Kanga? :wink:

Anyway, the Bombers were dead like diner a long time ago. This afternoon we play agaisnt the Argonauts and I feel we can take this win. I changed my pick to Toronto in the G.C.V.C. I had a lot of thinking to do on that and I felt that picking Toronto but having the Bombers win would be a better thing for me to do instead of picking the Bombers and hope we'll win but Toronto takes the W. I do hope the Bombers snag another win like they did on Thanksgiving agaisnt BC today! PASS THE BALL TO STEGALL! 8)

Lets go Bombers!

TODAY's the day........a huge double header on TSN..........

B.C. @ MONTREAL.....then....the ARGOS @ WINNIPEG :shock: :smiley:

c'mon Argos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!