It's confirmed: Maurice Lloyd signs with Edmonton

(stolen from the TSN website)

Free agent linebacker Maurice Lloyd is heading to the Edmonton Eskimos, according to CKNW in Vancouver.

The 26-year-old had been with the Roughriders since 2006. He was named a West Divison All-Star in 2007 and, in September of 2008, was named the CFL's defensive player of the month. He was also a 2008 CFL All-Star.

Details to follow.

well that was an exciting 19 hours of free agency... when does the season start....



he's still a beast though. Thanks for everything

Stupid Riders. Now we have lost our two best linebackers. Atta be.

Good luck in Edmonton MO. hope you suck against us though.

Maurice Lloyd, you traitor!

should have stuck it out in Saskatchewan! Hope you fall flat on your face!

That's a pretty stupid comment.
All the blame here should be put on the Saskatchewan Roughriders Head Office. Tillman and, Since he is acting (although I doubt he is actually making the big decisions), Miller have really dropped the ball on this one.

It's rumoured that Mo is getting somewhere in the $200K range would you have shelled out that much for him. I really wanted to see him in green and white but $200K is a lot of money for a MLB.

he left to join richie and a lousy $25,000 more
so basically he gets a loaded chev cobalt out of the deal

hopes it worth it Lloyd

Lloyd an Eskimo
By Murray McCormick 02-16-2009 COMMENTS(0) Rider Rumblings

Maurice Lloyd is headed to Edmonton.

The former Roughriders middle linebacker, who became a free agent on Sunday, supposedly signed a two-year deal worth $160,000 per. The Riders were offering a three-year deal worth $135,000.

Monday has turned out to quite the day.

sorry should have posted this first then u would understand car comment

The perfect storm has just hit the Riders

We have no leader on offense
we have no leader on defense
We have no leader in Management

Might as well spend 2009 as a development year..........

More convienient SMS BS.....More like 3 strikes you're out.......

But I still love my Riders, and I will be a good mindless fan, spend lots of money supporting my Riders, and will keep my mouth shut.

But I still love my Riders, and I will be a good mindless fan, spend lots of money supporting my Riders, and will keep my mouth shut.
I second that! Green N White 4 life!

great teams find ways to sign the stars!

average teams, find ways to lose them!

No great teams find ways to fill the holes that are left by players and coaches going elsewhere. Lets just hope that this Tillman thing gets sorted out so he can find the players he needs to find.

I must disagree!

good players that make a team champions stay!

the Riders can't keep them! they always are losing the players that make the difference!

they need to find a few diamonds in the rough and then sign them to 3 year contracts!!!!!!!!

no more 2 year contracts.

Good teams and good scouting find good players. As long as we have a salary cap, we're going to have to get used to seeing a lot more player movement. It's ironic we were the one's that pushed hard for the salary cap, now we're probably in the best situation to abuse it like other teams have in the past. It's in the best interest of the league and all the teams involved to have the cap though.

Do we honestly believe that Lloyd and McKenzie have as good of seasons as they did if it weren't for the defensive system?

I hate to bring the NFL into here but look at the New England Patriots. Tom Brady, a quarterback who everyone would agree is pretty darn good, goes down at the beginning of the season. They still win 11 games, and had they been in a weaker division probably make the playoffs. They continue to loose players year in and year out, but guess what? They find players to fit the roles they need. I believe in our coaching staff and our scouts that they will go out and find and mold good young players.

There are tons of good football players out there. For the past couple seasons we have lost key name players who we figure are irreplacable. Guess what? We do pretty good the following year. Look at last year. We lost Kerry Joseph via trade. What was our record mid way through the season dispite the amount of injuries? 7 and 2 I believe. We have the depth to fill in at linebacker. Ranaud Williams came in last season and had a monster couple of games. We have that defensive end who we drafted first round last year and went down to the NFL who I believe will come in and be a monster which will allow us to move Katwana Jones back to fill in for McKenzie.

Despite what some people might think, the sky is not falling on our beloved Roughriders. Our offense will be strong this year if our recievers and Durant (or whoever starts) stays healthy. I cannot wait for the season to start so the naysayers shut up.