it's clear cortez see's this as new rookie throw away year

:rockin: "Y'all" Well Hell whadda y'all expect"!!!!????his lack of caring!? don't bother me interviews are so Weird, odd and useless!? Like he couldnt care less "HEYYY we're in developement year so Get real" "Wait 'll next year"!!!??? ALL things, I think he is thinking!!! Oh YEAAA!!! just not saying to US. Terrible,Pathetic, play calling decisions and no flags/challenges in two games we could of easily won WE'd be 6/6 big diffence!!!! I'm Sure sure "aas all Git out Y'all" that BURRIS hates this guy and his missguided attitude, and it's infectious, HE Burris plays Like he is deeply troubled and there is terrible chemistry in that locker room cause of this ? twit? Moron? of course not!!!??? just completly unconcerned, disengaged, is he A truly Wiser then us ,WE"LL see next year KIND OF GUY (WTF????) :oops: :twisted: :cry: :roll: !!??? well yay!!!

Wow. All I'm sayin' is someone needs a little nap, lol.

WILDCATTSS Can you stop the window dressing and tell us exactly how you really feel?

:rockin: GOD we have definetly the best ticat team i have ever seen!!!

whhaaaattt oH YES i AM!!! IT was 3 AM true !!! ITS BEEN 58 YRS SISNCE MY OLD MAN WILDCAT BILL the bear SIMMONS CARRIED ME TO THE GAMES AT THE GOOD OLD IWS HE said" YA gotta learn to laugh and remember these jocks should just play hard and have fun" and why not !? WE fans must just analyse and learn to laugh and have fun BUT i was there at the labour day game (300k)SAW them implode and refuse to win WHATTTT!!! Somthing impossibly weird and facinating like a train wreck is going on out there on the field! OH YEA. BUT i would really love real winning football for a change lolol GOD we have definetly the best team i have ever seen

:rockin: YESSS

I suspect you're due back at the lab to have your bolts tightened. :lol:

I am speechless!!

speechless well then i have performed a miracle!!!!lololol still say BEST TEAM EVER and stalla IS THE MAN TO GOT TO!!! THE BEST He gives it his all!!! another Garney henley !!!!

WILDCATTS writing style is unique. :smiley: But also spot on accurate. I believe that Cortez is ultimately in danger of losing the locker room. If he hasn't already.

Rookie HC (who is also OC) and Rookie DC. Too many rookies.