It's Cameron Siskowic former Ticat linebacker.

I received a message from Cameron Siskowic.

Hey buddy thanks for contacting me....

Hope your ready for another great ti-cat season i might be in town in late june.....

I will send you my letter for my charity maybe you can forward to some other Ti-cat fans.....

Dear Ron,

[ I have recently accepted the position of President of Fundraising for The Cambodian Village Fund.

It is by far the most important position or job I ever had and I'm truly blessed to have met

the founders Bill and Nancy Bamberger, two people (who happen to be from San Diego).

This is my first big fundraiser, so please friends and family DON'T LET ME FAIL!

{PM me RonFromTIGERtown for the details of how and where to donate funds}. ]

We have already raised over $12,000 with this letter. Please take the time

to read the WHOLE letter and please forward to as many friends as possible.

Lets Joseph Kony this project!!!!!

This letter today will be the most important letter I have ever written.

Today is my birthday; a day for me. A day I can finally put all the hard work away

and enjoy myself and appreciate life. There's a slight problem I'm having though: I CAN NOT!

When I was 15-years-old I had a scare of cancer in my body. It made me look at the life

we have on earth through completely different eyes. I asked myself a very important question,

one I still think about all the time. One day, whether it is tomorrow or in the distant future

when I am lying on my deathbed: How will I reconcile my time on Earth?

Did I leave a positive, negative or neutral imprint on the world

that I will now be forced to leave behind?????????

It took me almost 10 years to come to the following realization.

The last thing I desire to do is to leave a negative imprint.

But more importantly, I choose not to stand neutrally by when afforded the opportunity

to give rise to positive change and thus a greater meaning to my life here in this one world.

I don't want a party, any presents, or even well-meant cards sent by mail.

I know I have been very blessed by God to have the most amazing friends and family in the whole world.

Its critical we get recurring donations to keep our efforts sustainable for decades to come

$10 or $20 a month would make a HUGE difference. The families you will be helping

make on average less than 1 dollar-a-day for 6-10 people. Donated money raised this week

will go toward providing 800 families with water filtration systems.

The filters are produced by a local company who employs and train Cambodian's.

It only costs $10 per family for one of these water filtration systems.

My goal is to raise $8,000 and bring clean drinking water for years to come to over 6,400 people.

Mothers and children spend 4-6 hours a day fetching water

that is often contaminated with bacteria that breed diseases.

Our goal is to have clean drinking water for ALL OF CAMBODIA.

Just cutting back on one $2 Red Bull a day will free up $60 a month

for you to make a direct difference in this world.

We all have areas in our life (myself included) in which we could reduce spending

to allow for increased giving to people who are in desperate need.

Your gifts to the Cambodian Village Fund can be allocated

through the use of a Credit Card, Debit Card or Pay Pal if you would prefer.

Through me, you have someone who will make sure 100 percent of your money

will go to helping people in need. We take nothing at all for administrative costs,

accounting, or salaries. All of your contribution will go to helping people in need.

The Cambodian Village Fund is a SAN DIEGO based charity that I had the pleasure

of having quite a serendipitous way of getting in contact with the two most amazing people,

founders Bill and Nancy Bamberger. This year I had a life changing experience

in the most amazing country, full of the most caring and loving people in the world.

The needs in Cambodia are simple, yet life-sustaining:

Most of the villages in Cambodia don't have access to clean water.

40% of all deaths in Cambodia are related to water-borne illness.

It is impossible to build schools and focus on education

when many of the children suffer constantly from water-borne illness.

I came to believe that providing rural villages medical services,

education opportunities, nutritional essentials, and continuing sources for development;

we can give a hand up instead of a hand out.

We have built a five-classroom school and a medical center,

which will be in loving memory of my dad, Dan Siskowic.

The Dan Siskowic Medical Center will have its grand-opening very soon.

I would like to personally invite all of you to come with my mother

Liz Siskowic, Cousin Ross and me in January of 2013; to see what we have done,

travel the country, and give feedback on what our future in Cambodia will hold.

Currently air tickets are around $1300, if purchased soon. Please email me

at if you have any questions about the trip:

I promise I will respond promptly.

Once you see this place and the warm-hearted, hard-working people

who just got dealt a bad hand in life; I promise you will want to help,

and although it is supposed to be altruistic it simply is not.

It sincerely is the BEST FEELING IN THE WORLD.

The question I constantly get is…Why Cambodia?????

Whether you decide to give $10 a month or $1000 a month

you should take the time to know the reasons.

I would love to help my own country and every country

but here are 4 simple reasons why I chose Cambodia

  1. Economic. The dollar goes on average 20x farther in Cambodia

thus getting the most positive effect on helping people possible.

  1. Pol Pot and Khmer Rouge BRUTALLY MURDERED 2 Million of Cambodia's 8 Million citizens

(targeting the educated and professional people--doctors, lawyers, and teachers).

  1. People are incredible. 4. Cambodia has an incredibly rich history.

The children and citizens can take pride in.

Something I realized while I was in Cambodia is that there is no such thing

as 1st World or 2nd or 3rd World nations. We are all part of the same world. ONE World.

The people are incredible. These people are eager to work; the children

are obsessed and dedicated to getting their education. This is a country

with massive amounts of potential that is hopefully sustainable for hundreds of years.

We have some very high hopes and dreams for Cambodia.....

Thank You So Much

Best Regards,

Cameron Siskowic

"The People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the one's who actually do!"

Here is Cameron's facebook site

Good for him. I think this is a great thing and I will definitely support him in this venture. A lot of what he said really hit home for me. I had no idea he had a cancer scare at age 15. We just had a cancer scare with my 13 year old daughter and although it wasn't cancer (thank God) it was a very difficult and life-altering time for us as a family. She is finally on the mend physically, but it gave me such an appreciation for what I have and how it really could always be worse. It's hard to feel lucky after all she has been through, but we are much better off than we could have been. It really does my heart good to see him giving back.