Its called a draw play!!!

Just a tip for Belefool, we all know that the CFL is a predominatly passing game but maybe when in is 2nd and more than five and you have a talent in the backfeild like Lumsden and even Caully, Mix things up a bit and run a friggen draw come on a draw is also very effective against the blitz but hey what do i know i'm just a fan and your the OC without a clue.

really I gotta get off this forum I cant stand this season anymore.

If it wasn't put in in training camp then I'm afraid you'll have to wait for Charlie to implement it next year......

Draws and screens are a nice idea. We tried some very complicated screens today. That was the first time all season I remember that.

We should add a wide receiver screen to the mix too. It's a simple pass that we should be able to complete every time and it might even add a little confidence to the QB and the receiver.

I think the team is trying basic plays hoping the team will master them. BC has the best d-ends in the league. We played rate into their game. Straight drop back pass protections.

BC’s QB was on fire. We only rushed 4 guys most of the day. We have to start using more confusion on the defense.

as a rider fan fire MARCEL BELFUMBLE the man has had the same playbook since peewee fb this is the pros fire him fire him fire him
sorry guys but you need an OC that has a brain bigger than a wet fart

We're too confused ourselves to confuse the other team

BC's QB was on fire
Jason Maas would have been on fire today. Everyone has a big week against the cats predictable defense. (and offense)

Tommyboy1 I really hope Charlie does not implement it next year because if he does it means he is still our coach and we all know that is not a good thing.