Its beginning to look like...



Let's hope it holds up for a while.

I for one couldn't be happier!

Unless, of course, my Bombers squash the Als tomorrow! :o

It's definitely looks like parity for now. It's only one game though, give it a few weeks and we will see.

Wow, what a night of football last night! I'm in heaven!

BC and Winnipeg wins tonight, we'll have 8 teams tied at 1-1.

I bought an Eskies jersey with "Tucker" on the back of it for a reason! That guy is amazing. Hope he stays healthy for the entire season.

Go Cats! Go Lumsden! I'm thrilled to see my second favourite team back in the hunt!

I'm looking forward to tonight's games - I only wish could actually watch them on my TV, but I'll settle for a computer feed for now.

Was it on sale?

NO. And after last season it should have been. I like it anyway.