It's Been All My Fault

Here I make a decision to NOT go to the game today so I can attend an event that will help my college. I get home, turn on the PVR, and watch the 'Cats throttle the 'Schmoes.

My wife and I kept saying as we watched, "WHY did we miss this game." And though I did the right thing by NOT going, I just realized HOW right a decision it was. I miss a game... and the 'Cats win. It's clear. It's been ALL my faut.

So, here's my plan. I promise to NOT go to any more games if I can get lots of donations for my college. Gotta' be a great idea? Right?

Okay, so it's blackmail, but it's win-win. :slight_smile:

And here I thought it was all my fault.

Just before our win steak I bought a new Ticat shirt and hat. Then we moved to Stouffville and everything got packed away and I couldn't find my hat or my shirt. I had to wear my old stuff while watching the Cats lose over and over again.

This morning my wife found my shirt (she had hung it up in our daughter's closet) and I found my hat in the basement.
I promise to guard both items from now on to make sure we stay on track this time.

Oh, and Mark, if your not attending anymore games I have some ideas what you can do with the rest of your tickets :stuck_out_tongue:

I'll take a mea culpa too.

I bought one of those gold jersery's a while back. Their record has been abysmal when I've worn it today. I sold it this morning at a garage sale. Coincidence......

Left the GF at home ...

Told her I was taking a buddy ...

Burned The extra ticket/seat ...

And players think the ice tub is cold ... .???

Guess I better jump on LavaLife or EHarmony or the like ...

Just doing my part ... As Crash Davis says; "Respect the streak!"

I put all the blame on K Reed. He made some dumb decisions and finally we took advantage. Still room for improvement on the cats. Could have had more interceptions if the DB's could catch.

When we win a home game, I walk the same route to the next game. When we lose, I change the route. TiCat fans are not necessarily superstitious but we will do whatever it takes to get a win. Fortunately there are more route combinations and permutations than there are home games. :lol:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Back in the early seventies I went to every senior Barons football game until "The Game". It looked like it might rain (and I think it did) so I decided to go home rather than Ivor Wynne to see Barton play Cathedral. Apparently it was a high school version of the famous Mud Bowl. As I was told after the game, Cathedral fumbled the opening kickoff and it was run back for a TD. The convert was no good as the kicker could barely swing his leg in the soup. The score was thus 6-0 for my school. Apparently Cathedral threatened a couple of times after that, but could only muster 2 singles the rest of the game. The final was Barton 6 and Cathedral 2.

I decided at that point that I had been a jinx for my school and decided to stay away from all further games. We went on to win a couple of city championships while I was still there. Years later (late 1980's?), when I was looking into taking a photography course at night school, I went back to Barton and saw that game ball still sitting in the lobby display case with the final score painted on it in white.

I hope I haven't offended any Cathedral grads. That wasn't my intent. It's amazing what memories roll around in an old guy's brain. If anyone actually attended that game I would appreciate your memories being posted. :slight_smile: