It's been a long...long ride

Two games remaining...and another season is over.
For some, the season was just another disaster.....
For others, ( myself ) included, we are seeing the true rebuilding of the team, starting to taking shape.
2009....I hope will be the year that our Cats... no longer will be the basement dwellers of the CFL.
And a real shot at a play-off spot....will happen.'s been a long ride.



I believe your right. I see this team turning a corner now. We have some pieces. Quarterback, running game, DBs are looking good. Hopefully, they will sign Setta to an extension. With a few holes,( Oline and Dline, receiver) which Im sure Obie will take care of, in the offseason. This team will be a fierce competitor next year. I dont know if we will win the grey cup, but Im sure we will be in the hunt!!!

The Tabbies will rise again....

I am sorry but i disagree .

the reason is the current defensive co-ordinator is terrible and unless that is changed we have no chance . I do not think our DB's are that great aside from thompson and maybe Bradley ....Gordon is not very good and Tisdale is still very raw and unproven . The linebackers are brutal and the Dline does not have one player that has even shown signs of being a pass rusher . This team has no real good american talent especially on defence . The defence needs a complete workover and it starts at Creehan and then the Dline ..Linebackers to follow ...we need players liek Moreno and Armour

On offence , I have seen a few recievers come in and look pretty ggod at times but they have a lot to learn ( Mitchell and Rodriguez ) ..Baumann also looks to be a decent canadian reciever. Porter might be suited well for the CFL and the tackles have been brutal with the exception of Thomas ...Kenton keith ..hmmmm? we can only hope but he has not looked good ....I still like Caulley and Tre Smith better .

So what we need is :

1 New DEFENSIVE co-ordinator - Stubler or Ritchie please
2. A proven CFL Dlineman that can put some heat on the QB with a bunch of candidates fighting for the other spots
3. An outsde linenacker with some speed and strength to replace Mariuz . i can live with Siskowic and Anthony in the middle under a new co-ordinator.
4. An upgrade at corner for Gordon . He has had 2 poor years
5 At least one proven CFl reciever and a few speed recievers like DAVIS TO COMPLIMENT our tall young recievers.
6. a BIG solid reliable OFFENSIVE tackle to play with Thomas

'89 Grey Cup
'99 Grey Cup
'09 Grey Cup?


The wheel is turning, it may be slow but it is turning.