.........It's Back!!!!!!.............

…breaking outthe rain-gear…securing a primo parking spot near the stadium…the tailgaters…crowds of people, some in red, some in green, some in rasta…BBQ smoke drifting over the heads of the masses…kids, running to and fro, little guffers with Dad, maybe their first time to the stadium…huddles of old men, wearing thier team’s colours, sharing opinions about the new team…a couple carrying their benchpads, one in a new Reebok jersey, the other in one that has seen many seasons…the player intros…the fireworks…O’ Canada…the opening kick-off with everyone led by a crazy group of Rider fans in lower section N rasing their fever-pitch drone to a scream as the ball is kicked…the unmistakeable sound of plastic hitting plastic…referees whistles…1st down, 2nd down, punt…a running back breaks it bigtime…a defensive stand-off…Superdogs @ halftime…a second half kick-off runback for major yarage…stadium lights …50/50 draw…peanuts…expensive beer that never tasted so good…leaving the stadium with throngs of happy fans, from either side…

…I am the CFL…and I am back again…

Ah! Be still my heart! Red and White = Hemmingway. Great post! Can’t wait until the Gades play Montreal on the 16th at good ol’ Frank Clair. Don’t have my seasons tix yet but apparently, they’re in the mail!

And how were the new uniforms? I saw a pic of Burris in new uniform. There looks to be a bib around the neck to catch the drool/ blood.

I don’t like that white line that makes it look like a bib…Take the line out and they look okay.

RedandWhite you’ve said it all…ahhhhhhhhhhh CFL Football. :smiley:

Well done!


oh , ya…are you really for some… REAL FOOTBALL?!

Are you really to say “ready” without touching your two front theeth with your tongue? :lol:

nice… that is some good writing there… gets me even more excited for opening on the 16th… going to BC Place

great post redandwhite

never new jermaine had such an arm cant wait till Thursday see some more replays and on Friday when the mighty green and gold take the field.

we are in for another great season THE CFL IS BACK !!!

are the preseason games on tv?

just the one on sat in halifax

Copeland originally was a QB. But when a new guy named Peyton Manning arrived on his team in college, Copeland became the back-up. And he didn’t like being a back-up, so he reconverted into a WR right away to start every game. And he did. (Can you imagine Manning throwing TD passes to Copeland… must have been a great show!)

they must have shredded defences

i wouldnt feel to bad being booted by Manning… i mean hes only what… one of the best QBs in NFL history… not bad

Manning sucks, he;s a great offensive co-ordinator and a terrible QB

how can the all-time single season TD leader be a terrible QB?.. especially in the NFL?.. agreed that he is a great offensive co-ordinator… you want to tell us what reasoning you have for saying he is a terrible QB?

I never liked P. Manning; ever since he created the Reform Party, essentially killing the Progressive Conservatives.

THAT P. Manning was a truly bad QB…