its an ugly trend

this season, too many teams are winning games they shouldnt have and losing games they shouldnt have. Too many times teams are feeling generous and handing other teams gimmees.

I would like to have the script now so I could look ahead and see how it ends :wink:

So many little battles going on that we don't see while watching the game on T.V. If we had the game films to go over and over and over again, it becomes more clearer on why a team winss that shouldn't and vice versa. I missed the play where the Hamilton player lost the ball just before crossing the plane of the goal line; (does anyone have some input on what happened) thus I'm still miffed by this, although this does happen as seen in the past.


There is no such thing as a team giving away a win. If a team loses it is because they were not good enough, plain and simple. :twisted:

I don't know if i fully agree with that. Teams give away wins by making mistakes, taking penalties, turnovers, being unprepared or inexperienced. Think about the blue season last year and how many close games were lost due to inexperience or in ability to close out games.

A linebacker who just never gave up on the play made a spectacular strip of the ball as the carrier was taking his last step towards the end zone. He probably ran 60 yards to make the play, avoiding blocks all the way.

clearly the linbacker made a great effort, but he should not have been successfull if the ball carrier had not screwed up.

speaking of great effort, I once saw an offensive lineman chase down a db on an int, about 40 yards downfield. It was in the 80's I beleive, but cant remember the details. sure wish I could.

Thanks rpaege on the clarification.

If they made mistakes, took penalties, had turn overs, were not prepared.....then they were not good enough. I just hate when people say that a team won only because the other team gave it away. Sour grapes is all that is. The only way a team can give a game away is if they conceed by not showing up, or they walk off the field and quit before the game is over.
Bombers are a perfect example, as it was their mistakes late in games that led to them losing games - therefor they were not good enough. Now if a team can learn from thier mistakes (ala Bombers 2011) then they have the potential to be much better.

noone ever plays a pefect game, baseball is the only exception as its really more pitcher vs batter, 1 on 1 than the other major sports but i suppose even in baseball the pitcher needs the catcher, cuz he cant throw strikes to himself.

ive never seen a hockey team get zero shots on goal, have never seen a football team get 0 yards of offense, never seen a basketball team make all their shots

perfect games dont exist.. in sports since the start of time.. noone has ever played a perfect game.

i know fans get upset when their team loses, and they look for excuses, heck i've done that in the past when the bombers have lost but reality is, they lost because the other team played better. thats what it comes down too. MISTAKES AKA turnovers are part of football..

3 for hamilton last game, 0 for winnipeg. hey, did williams fumble that ball on his own? no, if he did u could talk about them giving it away but.. theres 2 sides on the field at all times, offense and defense...sometimes the d just steps up and makes a play.. happened on that one and happened on the interception also.. 2 mistakes by hamilton or 2 great defensive plays by winnipeg?

since its football, i lean towards the 2 great defensive plays more than mistakes by the offense.

2009 Grey Cup. Duval missed a gimme on the final play of the game. The extra man had no impact on his miss he just choked. The Sask penalty gave him another shot to CORRECT his mistake. Montreal didn't win Saskatchewan lost that game.

The only time I can think of, they are very rare were a team "gives" it away as opposed to making more mistakes than their opponent.

i agree with blue's post above. i dont really believe in teams giving away wins

usually the team that makes more mistakes loses... so you could argue by a late fumble/penalty etc you "gave" the game away

but at the same time the other team still has to put themselves in a position to win, they still need to capitalize on those mistakes or have a lead etc.. to win that game

in the grey cup example above... sask made a big mistake on the penalty... but if montreal hadnt driven the field and put themselves in range its all irrelevant anyways... and then after the mistake they still had to stick to their assignments, not take a penalty, and make the kick... and they did... therefore montreal won the game it was not given to them

sometimes what you have to do to win is only a little, sometimes its a lot. but you still have to do something at one point or another... even if you only have one good drive the whole game, you still did all you needed to get the W and at the end of the day thats all that really matters

Good point! the Riders did allow the Alouettes to come back and get to the point where all they needed was the field goal.

if they had made the right adjustments at Half Time and kept the offense of Montreal in check there would have been no need for a field goal and the 13th man error that has turned into a running joke for almost two years would never have happened.

But the Riders? well they pulled through as they always do and did what was right for the league.... :roll:

I post that one because that was a situation where Montreal missed the field goal and lost the game. The penalty was correct but the infraction had no impact on Duval missing the kick, he just plain sucked that year (there's a reason he doesn't kick for Montreal anymore). Had Saskatchewan counted correctly they are Grey Cup champs. Unlike most times people say a team "gave it away" there was no time left on the clock for teams to comeback or amend for their error making the gave it away issue moot.

That would just ruin the ending.

Ask the officials. Don’t they usually have a hand in writing it? :wink: :twisted:

nope, this comes straight from league office and the bog, with coaches and players getting orders to screwup at appropriate times :wink: :twisted: :wink:

yup, if I dint know better, I would think vince mcmann somehow got in control of the league.

I do know better, dont I ????? :?

Didn't all this strange stuff start happening shortly after the XFL died and Vince was once again in the market for a toy? 8)

The way I see this third down fieldgoal attemt by Duval to win the 2009 Grey Cuy is this; I feel the front line knew in some way to snap the ball early knowing, thus (a call came from the Als's Bench came to snap the ball early) that too many men were on the field for Sask. The snap came back to the holder (flag was thrown) in turn Fieldgoal (crew) was out of sync and they (Mont) knew another attempt was forthcoming if the first kick was missed. DuvaL got another chance and made em pay, thus Montreal won the game fair an square This Duval Choke (BS crap) thing is all myth; Idon't buy it, that's all I can say.