Its Alrite.

I was born 17 years ago today. (happy birthday to me) yes thank you.

Now you see. It seems to me that our ticat fans have lost hope & have turned against Mr.Taffee & Mr.GM when really theres no need. I overheard this morning that the Hamilton tigercats are starting a poster campaign lead by Mr.Taffee & Mr.GM themselves. The slogan for this poster seems only fitting because we've heard this certain pharse 5 million times over this season. So here it is..

The Offical Hamilton Tigercats Poster created by Mr.Taffee & Mr.GM

Just a Simple Reminder.

I agree. Sometimes that's all that's needed. I know we've been patient for a few years now, however I think they deserve more than one season to make a miracle happen. At least Coach Taafe, I hear he's a great guy.

I keep hearing GM Desjardins is a great guy as well. Rome wasn't built in a day. Cut these guys some slack. Maybe the situation they got into with the Cats was alot worse than they thought (i.e. player salaries, contracts, etc...)