AT LAST!!! The great day is nearly upon us my fellow CFL fans. November was too long ago and no amount of rewatching games, discussing trades or taunting Riders fans can make the offseason go any faster.
Tomorrow: TSN gets fans primed with their pre-season shows.
Canada Day!: IT BEGINS! Supplies have been purchased. A 5L keg of Phillips Blue Buck, 2 bags of Miss Vickies salt and vinegar chips, a bottle of Jamesons 12yo Irish Whiskey and a very nice Romeo and Juliette cigar.

All that's left is to drive 800km up to Prince George to watch it with my ol' man.

So since I'll be away til sunday (I'll be home in time for the Lions first win), cheers to all of you CFL faithful and have a great CFL and Canada Day! :rockin: