It's All So Clear Now

This week we get word that the owners of the blue team, and the rest of the CFL owners want to bring an NFL team to Toronto.

Obviously they would have to be able to draw seventy to eighty thousand people per game. Where are all these fans going to come from?

If thirty thousand blue team fans convert to the new NFL team that still leaves a huge gap in fan base.

Think about the following moves from this perspective:

  • hiring a CIS head coach, replacing him with NCAAers
  • banning the forbidden chant
  • changing the logo
  • trading for a banged up QB, then signing an NFLer
  • trading away fan favourites (Davis, Montford, Flick)
  • releasing fan favourites (Morreale, Hitchcock)
  • hiring an budget crunching GM originally from Burlington
  • not building a new stadium
  • raising the price of beer
  • not putting porta potties in the parking lot

It is clear that Bob and the blue team owners are working together to kill the blue team and TiCats then convert their fans to the new NFL team (the Argo-Cats)

We've been duped.

(this outa be interesting)

You either have read far too many consipiracy novels or are out on a weekend pass from the Hamilton Psychiatric Hospital. Wow.

I will see what I can dig up for ya

Something is rotten in the Hammer! Alas, methinks your on to something.