Its all Part of the Plan

I have come to conclution that the Riders are going to lose the next 2 games in the season. When we host the semi final, whatever team we are facing against will be all like "Since the Riders are on a 5 game losing streak and we beat them already we wont have to play hard at all." When the game starts we will play lousy so the other team will not try as hard. When the fourth quarter comes though we will be all like KA-BAM and score 5 touchdowns. We will then move on to the final to face Calgary. Calgary will wonder what just happened the week before and we will win. Next step... GREY CUP :smiley: :smiley:

hey.. that sounds familiar... wasn't that the Bombers' game plan against BC a few weeks ago? (pro tip: to be even more convincing, make sure you start Dinwiddie in the playoff game and refuse to take him out until the time comes for that 4th quarter 5-TD comeback)

This is still the Bombers game plan. You may think we'e out, but we're just hiding.

cries in the corner

I think the Riders will win their next two games.

Oh, and love the Joker reference. :smiley:

I'm glad your confident, Chief; I doubt many in Rider Nation would hold that view. :frowning:

The Riders are a good team-oriented team, and I can't see them losing five straight. Besides, the Sask/BC games are always exciting. :thup:

Hmmm, kind of explains why they think the game is played with 13 men…